U.S. Judge Sentences James Holmes to Life

The man who unleashed a murderous attack on a packed Colorado movie theater was ordered Wednesday to serve life in prison without parole plus 3,318 years — the maximum allowed by law — before the judge told deputies, “Get the defendant out of my courtroom, please.”

The gallery applauded the remark by Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. as he gaveled the hearing to a close, ending a grueling three-year wait to see the gunman brought to justice. Survivors, relatives and a handful of jurors who were in the courtroom cheered and then hugged prosecutors and law enforcement officers. Some wiped away tears.

Samour ordered 28-year-old James Holmes to serve 12 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, one for each of the people he killed in the July 20, 2012, attack on a crowded movie theater.

He then added another 3,312 years for 70 convictions of attempted murder, and six years for an explosives charge.

“The defendant does not deserve any sympathy,” the judge said. “And for that reason, the court imposes the maximum sentence it can impose under the law.”

Samour handed down the sentences after a withering condemnation of Holmes as an angry quitter who gave up on life and turned his hatred into murder and mayhem against innocent victims and hundreds of their family members.

Samour was scrupulously respectful toward Holmes throughout the long trial and months of pretrial hearings. But on the final day in court, he made no attempt to hide his contempt.


Journey to the Son: A Celebration of Son House

Wednesday, August 26: Introducing…Son House


1:00pm Wilson Stage Kickoff and Opening Event

Join us for the official opening of the four day celebration!

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1:30pm Fielding Stage The Billy Thompson Band

Meet Revival’s Musical Supervisor, Billy Thompson.  Billy delivers guitar work that has electrified audiences in the U.S. and throughout Europe.  In his original music, he combines tasty Delta slide with searing electric guitar and soulful vocals.  Billy has played with legends such as Little Milton, Albert King, Earl King, and Art Neville, while opening for the likes of Robert Cray, B.B. King, Sonny Landreth, The Neville Brothers and Joe Cocker, to name a few.

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2:30pm Fielding Stage Son House on Screen, with Carvin Eison

In 1974, Rochester filmmaker Ron Mix captured nearly 11,000 feet of footage of Son House in Rochester and at his final concert, in Toronto. After over 30 years locked in storage and with the help of the George Eastman House, that footage has been transferred to a digital format. Filmmaker Carvin Eison shares with us a short film based on the vintage footage.

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4:00pm Fielding Stage Audio Blues– Following Son House, with Lindsay Jones

Sound designer Lindsay Jones takes us on a journey through Son House’s music, by layering it with covers by artists of diverse generations and musical styles.

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4:00pm Lobby The Bop Shop at Geva

From 4-10 each day of the festival, visit The Bop Shop’s mobile store in the lobby to purchase CD’s, books, posters and more!

5:00pm Dinosaur BBQ
99 Court St.
Happy Hour with The David Miller Band

No reservations required

6:00pm Eastman School of Music
Rayburn Wright Room
26 Gibbs St.
Workshop: Fundamentals of Blues Guitar Playing

Billy Petito, teacher at the Eastman Community Music School, and Bob Sneider, Eastman School of Music Professor, lead participants in a beginner’s guide to the blues. Bring your guitar with you to participate! Limited capacity.

To reserve a spot, call the Geva box office at 585-232-GEVA (585-232-4382).

8:00pm Wilson Stage Revival: The Resurrection of Son House, by Keith Glover

This play with music, a Geva Theatre Center commission, follows Son House from his beginnings in rural Mississippi through religious conversions and crises, to his life in Rochester, all the way to the launch of the second phase of his musical career in 1974. The concert-style reading, with actors at music stands, will be followed by a talkback with the playwright and others on the creative team.

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School Year Style Advice from Brittany

One thing that most teenagers stress about right before school starts is their appearance. Some want to try something new, some stick to what they know, and some just don’t seem to care. As we all know, there are a bunch of trends from shirt dresses to cropped pants. Does that mean that we have to follow them to be accepted? Not at all. BE DIFFERENT! Be the one to set the trends and not the one to follow them.

I recently had a hair dilemma, I just couldn’t decide what to do! I was torn between the normal me–straight hair but I was willing to try a new color– or do something I would consider extreme and get box braids. After a long discussion with myself, and a few suggestions from others I decided to get the braids. Why? Because it is always good to try something new. I did not want to start of senior year (shout out to the Class of 2016) like I started every other school year. The best advice I can give, from experience, is to try new things! Do not limit yourself because then you’ll never know what you are really capable of (in wardrobe and in life period.) Who’s to say you wont like the new hair or a new style?

I challenge you to make a statement this school year! Don’t be afraid to try something different, sometimes change is good. Try that cute jean dress, or the bright pink lipstick color. Gents, try the nice button up on a “regular day”, or maybe even the boat shoes you would never wear! Who wants to be predictable? Do something nobody would ever expect you to do.

Most of all, have a great school year! Keep in mind that education is truly key and no matter how hard that class is, it will get you far later down the line. Looks are not everything, go to school in sweats if you have to, just make sure you go and have an awesome, productive year.



Dej Loaf Tweets “Kids, Don’t Do Drugs”

Dej Loaf is now one of my top favorite artist and it’s not only is she a dope rapper but because she is not afraid to go against the grain. #SayNoToDrugs

Over the weekend  Dej Loaf took to her IG & Twitter accounts to tell her fans the story of how she ended up in the hospital from a drug overdose while on Nicki Minaj’s Pink PrintTour.

If you ever thought you couldn’t overdose on weed think again!

Check out the gallery of  Dej’s tweets.  Continue reading Dej Loaf Tweets “Kids, Don’t Do Drugs”

Wiz Khalifa Arrested in LAX [Video]

3 cops yell stop resisting. Only thing to do is let em know. I’m not resisting, I’m doin what I want.

A video posted by Wiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on

Last night, Wiz Khalifa was arrested for allegedly not disembarking his hooverboard when asked by police. It took 6 officers to arrest him because he was supposedly resisting arrest. First of all, Wiz Khalifa doesn’t even weigh as much as me so I’m confused as to why they thought they needed 6 people to detain him. Secondly, the whole time [in the recorded video] he was politely repeating that he wasn’t resisting arrest as he laid there while the 6 officers kept their knees on his back. The whole interaction, in my opinion, just seems overdramatic and unnecessary. More will be posted as the story develops.

Kendrick Lamar makes things happen by Adri.V


Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game

This is what I love most about Kendrick Lamar, while others focus on things that don’t really matter like who is ghostwriting whose songs, Mr. Be Alright is music is making a difference for students pursuing higher education.  His song “Alright” has become a protest anthem and the inspiration for a new college scholarship.    

The Hip Hop outlet based out of Philadelphia OogeeWoogee has established the “Be Alright” scholarship for a High Tech High School student. A teacher name Brian T. Mooneys at North Bergen, New Jersey school blogged about including To Pimp A Butterfly in his lessons and after it went viral Kendrick Lamar made a visit to the school.

The director Wilkine Brutus of the school mentioned how they always wanted to create a Hip Hop inspired scholarship. After Kendrick Lamar made the visit to the school he gave them the concrete idea on what they wanted to do. The scholarship consist of one High Tech graduate receiving $1,500 for college tuition and books.

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