University of Missouri’s president Tim Wolfe resigns

Monday, two days after the school’s football players announced a boycott of all football-related activities.

“Prayers were answered, although there’s a lot more work to do,” Missouri linebacker Brandon Lee wrote on Twitter.

Athletics director Mack Rhoades and football coach Gary Pinkel released a joint statement Monday that the team is resuming preparation for its game Saturday against BYU at its regularly scheduled time Tuesday.

“The primary concern of our student-athletes, coaches and staff has been centered on the health of Jonathan Butler and working with campus leaders to find a resolution that would save a life. We are hopeful we can begin a process of healing and understanding on our campus.”

More than 30 Missouri football players announced over the weekend they would not take part in any football-related activities as long as Wolfe remained in office. Pinkel canceled practice on Sunday and said he stood by his players, who were part of a push around campus to force Wolfe’s removal.

“Thank you. We won and we must continue fighting,” said the Legion of Black Collegians, which announced the boycott, on Twitter.

Added Missouri linebacker Paul Adams via on Twitter: “Power of prayer is strong.”

Wolfe’s resignation came after a meeting with the Board of Curators, which took place amid a walkout by professors and a weeklong hunger strike by a grad student.

“The frustration and anger that I see is clear, real and I don’t doubt it for a second,” Wolfe said at a news conference.

The Missouri players had a timetable set for when they wanted Wolfe to vacate.

“Before lunch on Monday morning was the goal from the jump!”  defensive back John Gibson III wrote on Twitter.

“The goal was lunchtime Monday,” echoed defensive back Anthony Sherrils.

Wolfe said in a statement on Sunday that he had no plans to resign.

Missouri football players will resume practice and play against BYU, as scheduled, on Saturday, according to the Kansas City Star.

Source: USA Today

Midnight Marauders – A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest one of the best hip hop groups of all time marks 22 years this week for the release of their third studio album Midnight Marauders.

A Tribe Called Quest
A Tribe Called Quest

A little history on ATCQ. Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Q-Tip formed A Tribe Called Quest in 1985 with former member Jarobi White whom left after they released their first album in 1990 – The People’s Instinctive Travel’s and the Path’s of Rhythm.

Now let’s get back to Midnight Marauders, TRULY a classic and timeless hip hop jazz album. When you can listen to an album all the way through from beats and lyrics plus learn a thing or two that is a formula for success. Even the cover was iconic featuring pictures of Afrika Bambaataa, Doug E. Fresh, and Chuck D. to name a few.

Not only did they kick dope rhymes over funky jazz beats, they group figured out how to connect people of different races, and the younger generation to the elder generation of folks who despised rap at the time.

I am not going to beat you in the head with how much this album meant to hip hop. At a time when west coast “gangsta” music was taking over Midnight Marauders dropped and shook up the game.

From the narrator to the music, beginning to the end Midnight Marauders still to this day is relevant.

Favorite interlude:  “You’re not any less of a man, if you don’t pull the trigger / You’re not necessarily a man, if you do”

If you asked me what is your favorite hip hop/rap song of all time I would  say Sucka Nigga which is track 5 on this album. Here are some of the lyrics I will never forget the chills that wrapped around my body the very first time I heard this song!

Sucka Nigga: “See, nigga first was used down in the Deep South
Falling out between the dome of the white man’s mouth
It means that we will never grow, you know the word dummy
Other niggas in the community think it’s crummy
But I don’t, neither does the youth cause we
Em-brace adversity it goes right with the race
Yo I start to flinch, as I try not to say it
But my lips is like the oowop as I start to spray it
My lips is like a oowop as I start to spray it”

Electric Relaxation another favorite off the album hands down!

Check it out in the albums section. #MidnightMarauders #classic #ATCQ


Milly Rock on Every Block!

The Milly Rock is a New York dance move from new artist 2 Milly’s song “Milly Rock.” It is a spin on the classic two-step and has gone viral all across the country!

The official video has currently attracted over 250 million views and Maino has even hopped on the track for a remix.

The Milly Rock is a basically a side to side two-step. 2 Milly says that if you can two-step, you can Milly Rock. You just have to swing your arms with it. Add a little hip action and throw in some improvisation to put your own spin on it and boom! You’re Milly Rockin’.

Check out this Rochester native Milly Rock  on a wheel board!