Trey Songz and 2 Chainz – One Night Only Tour

I know everyone was getting ready for Trey Songz, but unfortunately he will not be here this weekend. More details will be on the way.

[UPDATED] November 13 10:24a

Tickets purchased on MUST contact TicketMaster and request a refund. Can do so online at (follow prompts) or call TicketMaster Customer Service at 1-800-653-8000.

If you purchased your ticket from another location, you can take them to the Blue Cross starting tomorrow, November 14th starting at 10am

The Many Distractions of Physical Attraction

Here we have a surface level expression of the deep waters in these typically turbulent modern day relationships. One main problem in any type of relationship that seems apparent is the psychological contrast of desire and connection. Our desire can easily become a distraction from the presented connection to the one who embodies what we desire. In other words, physical attraction becomes a distraction. People will always SHOW you who they are, you just have to BELIEVE them.

Lyrics: “…Why the f÷# am I so gott damn Simple, when everything you do makes me resentful? I say I’m done for good but, that depends though… ’cause I always end up wanting to kiss you but, in the end it ain’t beneficial you’re only concerned with what benefits you – all I end up with is red eyes and tissue.. Expecting more than what you intend to..”
The melody and vocal arrangement is basic and catchy (easy listening). @TreasureDavis – Simple featuring @Kid_Ink

Written by Mr. Nationwide himself Atu

A Story To Tell

Songs with personality and a storyline have always been effortlessly engaging. This joint has an overlooked dope sound. It’s the perfect vibe for a soiree or Happy Hour in a modern atmosphere. A great correlation in this example of storytelling is that it is a song about the type of song that it is! …sounded like a quote from Back To School w/Rodney Dangerfield LOL
Watch Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song

Written by Mr. Nationwide Himself Atu