Flower City Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo

The Flower City Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo.
Sunday, April 19 
10:00am to 5:00pm
Kodak Theater on the Ridge 200 West Ridge Road.
A full day of skin care and make-up tutorials. Hair care and styling demonstrations for every diverse hair type.
Zumba, fitness and healthy lifestyle informational workshops, massage therapy sessions.
Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 day of the show at the door.  TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE online at  flowercityhairbeautyandwellnessexpo.com 

The Walking Dead Season Finale

One word #EPIC!

The best season finale yet! None of the main characters died, besides I don’t think we could of handled losing anyone else.

What did we learn?

Morgan is the man, Carol is the queen B, Glenn is some sort of superhero, the W stands for Wolves, Rick had a moment but he got his life after Michonne knocked some sense into him, and at the end of the day Rick was right.

Buffalo Bills Fans #GoodLuck

So the Buffalo Bills set record season ticket sales for 2015. Being that I am a Denver Broncos fan this doesn’t impress me. What will do the trick is the Bills actually having a winning/record breaking season.

Now,  it may sound like I’m a hater (I’ll admit I used to despise the Bills during Jim Kelly era) BUT I have grown to tolerate the Bills. Will I ever love them?… hell naw!

I wish the Bills and their fans the best in the 2015 football season. Hopefully, Buffalo’s record season ticket sales are a forecast of what we can expect from the franchise during the season. After all the fans are doing their part!


Do you miss Cookie or are you feeling a void on Wednesday’s now that the hit TV series “Empire” on Fox has come to an end for the season?

Well #CookieMonsters you can catch Taraji P. Henson aka hosting Saturday Night Live April 11th at 11:30pm on NBC!! #Takethesecookies