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Irondequoit Police Officer Could Be Fired For Racial Facebook Posts

Irondequoit, NY (WROC)- Tough action is taken against a veteran Irondequoit police officer accused of posting racially offensive comments on Facebook.

Local blogger, Davy V., first reported on the posts, March 19.  The next day, the town put the officer on administrative leave and started an internal investigation.

“The results of the investigation show that highly offensive and inappropriate comments were posted by a member of our police force,” says Supervisor Adam Bello, at a special press conference held in the middle of tonight’s regular town meeting.

One post shows topless black women dressed in African garb, under the heading “Michelle Obama’s class reunion.”

Another mocks Mexicans saying they get a “free home and free ebt card for shopping.”  Many of the posts are profanity-laced.

Town supervisor Adam Bello and Chief Richard Tantalo insist these posts do not reflect the culture of the Irondequoit community.

“As someone who’s been in the law enforcement community for an extended period of time, something like this is certainly very disappointing,” says Tantalo.

“The whole foundation of their job and what they do relies on the ability of the citizens to trust their protectors,” says Bello.

Bello says the officer has been taken off payroll and will be served a letter stating the disciplinary charges against him. Officials would not name the officer citing it as a personnel matter.

As a civil service employee according to Section 75 of CSEA’s handbook, he will have a right to a hearing before any termination can be complete. The process could take up to two months.

Natasha Alford



Friends With Benefits A Good Thing Or Nah?

There is a new study that shows “friends with benefits” isn’t a good idea and only 15% of those relationships actually work.

Here is the article:

My opinion, I think the number is a lot lower than 15% but it depends on your definition of “friends with benefits”.  If you have someone you occasionally hang out with that includes “benefits” I think the number is lower than 15% BUT if you are friends FIRST without “benefits”  then I think the number will be far greater.

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Nominate WDKX Teen Of The Week

WDKX Teen of the Week is a Teen in the Rochester area doing big things!

Outstanding in school, as well as other areas needed in order to be successful

If you have a Teen who you think should be Teen of the Week make sure you tell us about them!

Email us the following information:

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Teen Contact info – phone # and email address & social media handles


Email to:




Saturdays 7p

Natasha’s Weekly Update

Natasha Alford’s Weekly Update

Today on the Water Cooler we went from the serious to the insane to the seriously insane all in one hour.

In case you weren’t keeping count, this weekend Rochester tallied its eighth homicide of the year.  A 27-year-old father of six was shot and killed around 4:30AM Sunday morning on Lloyd Street.  Rochester Police and SWAT teams chased the murder suspect and arrested him– 28-year-old Stephen McLaughlin Junior.

It’s always a tragedy when lives are taken.  When will #alllivesmatter enough for people to put down guns?

In national news, Rolling Stone issued an apology and a formal retraction of its story about a rape that allegedly took place on UVA’s campus:

While it’s a wake up call for many journalists about the need to fact-check, it’s also a reminder to the public that humans are well…humans.  That goes for the source “Jackie,” who may have lied to the reporter and for the reporter who did the story.

The lesson: It’s important to fact check and be informed as a citizen. We shouldn’t do this simply out of fear that the media will lie to us, but because we should care enough about being people who know what’s happening AND have our own opinions about them.

Whether that means reading more than one newspaper or watching full interviews for yourself, it’s good to get in the know.

Annnnd in gossip news, Karruche Tran finally broke her silence about her relationship with Chris Brown and his new baby– with another woman.  Why should you care?  Maybe you shouldn’t! (Sip the tea– none of our business right?)

Let me sip my tea...
Let me sip my tea…

Well the interview was powerful and host Iyanla Vanzant laid down some wisdom for all young men and women to take away about the importance of healthy relationships and loving yourself.

Catch the full interview here:

Finally, Tariq, Reign and I’s favorite new pastime is coming to Rochester– TED Talks!

May 30th, TEDx Flour City hosts its main event featuring yours truly, Mayor Warren and a host of great local minds.  The talks are fun, engaging and a powerful way to learn.

If you want to attend, apply here for a shot at a ticket:

This has been your weekly update– have a great one and BE great!

Natasha A.

Catch me on Twitter at @natashasalford and News8 Sunday-Thursdays nights at 11pm!

New Custody Battles Over Dogs For Divorced Couples

If you’re married or in a relationship that has come to an end and you own a dog together,  you may find yourself in court battling for custody.

A couple in N.Y.C. who recently divorced had to work out custody of their twin pugs in court because they couldn’t agree who should get the dogs.

Check out the full article here: