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Nail Salon Investigation

The places that become especially essential in the summer is currently under fire. Governor Cuomo has recently been disgusted with the nail salon businesses all over New York and has urged an immediate investigation.

According to the New York Times, a two-part investigation has brought attention to workers who are working with dangerous chemicals, working long hours and receiving very little wages. One report found that a nail salon was only offering $1.50 an hour for their employees.

According to reports, Cuomo will begin implementing plans in the nail salon work field. Being consistent in work policies, Cuomo is requiring salons to put up the employee’s work rights in many different languages.


- Sedria Thomas

Amtrak Train Derails In Philadelphia, 6 Dead, 146 Injured

(CNN) Philadelphia

• A sixth person has died as a result of the Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia, a doctor at Temple University Hospital said Wednesday morning.

• Eight passengers remain in critical condition at Temple.

• Many passengers were injured when other passengers and objects flew into them, a hospital official said.

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