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Downtown Street Closures for Circus

Court Street, between South Avenue and Exchange Boulevard, will be closed from Monday, Oct. 26 to Sunday, Nov. 1 during the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The circus will be held at the Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial, 100 Exchange Blvd. This section of Court Street will re-open Monday, Nov. 2 for regular traffic.


Date: Monday, Oct. 26 – Sunday, Nov. 1

Time: 3:00 a.m. Oct. 26 until approximately 11:00 p.m. Nov.1


Location: Court St. between South Ave. and Exchange St.


RTS Riders: for more information, detour routes and downtown boarding locations, please call 288-1700 or visit

1-800 Hotline Bling: Long Distance Relationships

Phone Call Relationships

Distance is the extent or amount of space between two things, points, lines and etc as defined by

But who would think that there would be a distance associated with love and the separation of two hearts that are supposed to be united.

Long distance relationships are not uncommon in society but successful relationships are the ones in which are in lower percentage.

School is a major roadblock when it comes to high school couples transitioning into different colleges. College choice is a decision that can affect a couple staying together or essentially interacting in a “phone call relationship.”

The stereotype of high school couples is the concept that they will break up before they go to college because they want to enjoy their first year of college without any attachments.

Most couples split but the strongest loves stay together.

Long distance is not an easy love but it is one that shows the truest love.

Couples must endure characteristics of trust, honesty and ability to avoid sticky situations in order to be successful in these types of relationships.

It is what you make of it.

While at school an individual has to face the fact that they will be absence of their significant others physical presence. In the new age it is easier to maintain relationships separated by schools because of technology. Technology such as Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram improve communication.

Distant relationships that last prove to be the truest because if they can get through distance then they can essentially get through a lot of challenges.

Don’t question that distance is a big roadblock to a relationship but don’t doubt its power to work in the essence of true love.


Written by Sedria Thomas

Seahawks Say ‘See-Ya’ to Ciara

Seattle Seahawks Wants Ciara Gone

From issues regarding Future, Future Jr. and Russell Wilson it seems like our “1, 2 Step” Ciara cannot avoid negative publicity.

Ciara has been recently called out by Seahawks fans and they are begging their quarterback, Russell Wilson to say goodbye to his relationship with the singer.

The Seahawks who had made two straight SuperBowl appearances, one resulting in a ring, are blaming Wilson’s celibacy and Ciara for their 2-4 start of the 2015-16 season. The fans have expressed their disapproval of the couple in various tweets streaming on line.

“Break up with Ciara & then you can start prospering like Future @DangeRussWilson,” a user wrote on his twitter feed.

One Seahawk fan stated that she will forever be a fan of the team but mentions that Wilson is distracted and it is affecting his team tremendously.

Ciara and Russell have expressed their celibate relationship over the summer and it has had constant backlash in response to Ciara having a kid. With the backlash continuing, it has shifted from the idea of Ciara having a kid to her essentially jinxing the franchise and causing them to lose games.

Fans have expressed their brutality honest opinions all over social media in response to the Seahawks loss to the Panthers on Sunday.

But it seems like Ciara couldn’t care less what the fans have to say after she posted a picture on her Instagram in her Seahawks beanie captioned, “3’s Up Always. #GOHAWKS.”

The summer was full of negativity from the community in response to Russell Wilson’s relationship with Ciara’s and Future’s son. She has gotten backlash from her former fiancé and the public because of how she allowed Wilson to have a public relationship with their son.

Pictures surfaced around the net showing Future Jr. wearing Seahawks gear, while also attending all of his mother boyfriend’s game. Wilsons’ relationship with him was seen as inappropriate and too soon.

As Ciara avoided all negativity, Wilson eventually proposed to her with a 15K emerald cut engagement ring. The ring was worth $500,000.

Hopefully the fans can get over their Ciara problem because by the looks of it, she is not going anywhere any time soon.


Written by Sedria Thomas

Atu – Sliced Percise!

The most important technique in a DJ’s performance once the playlist is set is the mastery of segue. In this exciting demonstration the DJ has mastered multiple techniques. Here are a few..

Always important in maintaining entertainment value for the listener. It can be used for controlled excitement when moving forward in the mix. Depending on the song choice, the DJ has the option of when to make the segue.

Song Choice:
Most DJ’s begin as listeners in that their playlist is based on personal enjoyment. In this mix, the DJ’s enjoyment is utilized best when these choices are in direct relation to popularity or segments that are most familiar.

While the music is playing it is always important to be in-the-moment like a listener. This makes for a more effective decision in how a mix is manipulated through the creative process. Sound is key for best results!

These and many more skills are arranged here on this 80’s mix by @DJWizz_The_WaxxKutta

Written by Mr. Nationwide himself Atu

Back To The Future In Actual 2015

In “Back to the Future: Part 2,”  Marty McFly travels forward in time to save his children.

The day Marty goes to, October 21, 2015, is today! In honor of Back to the Future Day, the people over at College Humor made an update to what it would actually look like if Marty McFly traveled to today. It’s pretty funny and sad at the same time.

Is Amy Schumer Guilty Stealing Comedy Bit

Now after coming off a crazy summer with Drake & Meek Mill battle. Meek Mill accused Drake of not writing his own rap lyrics. Now we’re back at it with comedy with the very popular Amy Schumer being accused of stealing the late comedian Patrice O’Neal comedy bit. I just watch the video of Patrice O’Neal performing the bit from 2007 & then I watched Amy Schumer perform a bit similar with a few changes but same punchlines as Patrice Oneal. Watch the video for yourself & you be the judge. Maybe I’m just crazy but warning graphic content and language.

Written by DJ Sight