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Reign’s Top 5 Basketball Players

Yesterday on the Wake Up Club Tariq, Sight, and I had a discussion about the top five NBA players we’ve seen play in our lifetime.

Here is my list of what I think is the top 5 NBA players. 
1. Michael Jordan
2. Kobe Bryant
3. Reggie Miller
4. Isiah Thomas
5. Dennis Rodman

Honorable Mention: Shaquille O’neal, Ray Allen, Dwayne Wade, Allen Iverson

Disclaimer: This is not a list of players of all time just in my lifetime that I have seen play. 

Chris Brown Will Donate $1 From Album Sales To Charity

Chris Brown is dropping his highly anticipated album Royalty December 18th which is named after his daughter.

If that isn’t special enough, $1 of all the pre-ordered albums purchased from now until the albums release will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital & Best Buddies.


image1 (1)

Chris Brown you have come a long way much respect to you! Love to see people grow and evolve.

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

In The Walking Dead news Carol better be knocked out for the moment…. Really Morgan did you have to suplex her REALLY??!!

I can ‘t believe Morgan chose one of the wolves over his “family” do you see what’s happening around you??

Maggie escaped the walkers and is safe on the platform. Glenn can see his wifey and is trying to find a way in.

Deanna gets bit so Rick is now the HNIC I foresee Michonne being his right hand.

Homeboy needs his butt whooped for trying to kill Carl whom can handle his own – his father taught him well.

And does anyone know the significance of the ants in the boy that won’t come downstairs room? I don’t remember what his name is but that boy is going to get them all killed.

The boy that won't come downstairs
The boy that won’t come downstairs

Carol would of handled him if Morgan wouldn’t of been so Morgan!

The Walking Dead returns February 14th.

For clips and the prologue to the next chapter of TWD click here.


2016 Youth Summer Jobs Program

The City of Rochester’s Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP) and the RochesterWorks! Youth Summer Employment Program is seeking community partners to offer structured, project-based paid work experiences for youth during summer 2016 as a host work site.

This Request for Application seeks to identify qualified local businesses, non-profits and faith-based organizations with the skill, proper work space, computer facilities and payroll capabilities needed to provide a summer work experience.

This program places more than 700 youth, ages 14 to 20 years-old, in paid, structured work experiences each summer. State and local funding is expected to provide selected work host sites with funds to compensate their participants.

Information and applications are accessible at or Applications are due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016 and should be emailed to Applications will be evaluated based on creativity, specificity of experience, demonstrated expertise in project themes, level of youth engagement, measurable outcomes, contributing partnerships, fiscal capacity and overall cost efficiency.

All applicants must attend a bidders conference at the Danforth Community Center, 200 West Ave. at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec.1, 2015 or 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016.