Batman Vs. Superman Movie review by Tariq

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice will make it’s money over the first 2 weeks. (Easter Weekend/Spring Break) I went Opening Weekend Friday Night at 8:30 and it was sold out. (Movie Tip, Pre-Order) not know the numbers yet I believe Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be laughing at critics all the way to the bank, Batman Vs. Superman sets the stage for the next DC Wonder Woman Movie in production right now.

That being said, Batman Vs. Superman was just good. Action Scenes are great. Acting was good. (Lex Luther played by Jesse Eisenberg was the best) But the story was to long. With to much early talk before the action starts. Too much what should I do, political and moral debate. And then they fight, that was great.

Can we stop comparing Marvel Movies to DC Movies? Marvel has had a 7 Movie head start. Batman Vs. Superman is the Movie number 2 for DC, and fighting way out of Marvels Shadow.

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Thanks Riq

Now I will stay home and just watch the game – – good ain’t worth 11 bucks plus gas.