imageNot too many details have been released about the former President’s itinerary this week, but what we do know is that he is scheduled to make a stop in Rochester, on Tuesday, April 5th, while on his Upstate NY campaign “endorsement” trail. Mr. Clinton is said to be representing his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, who will be making an appearance in Albany at that time.

The former president will set it up shop at Laborers Union Local 435 on Fourth Street, were he will talk about his wife’s vision(s) for the nation’s future. He is also scheduled to appear at Depew in Buffalo that same day. The Clinton’s mini Upstate tour is prep for the April 19th presidential primary.


If you are not yet a registered voter, please do so ASAP. The fate of our nation relies heavily on our votes.



Texan Woman Tape Records Doctors during Surgery


I came across an article that I was hesitant to open because the headline seemed unreal.  “Black Woman Records Surgery And Hears Doctor And Staff Calling Her Racially Insensitive Slurs.”  What!? How do you record your own surgery without surgeon’s knowledge? Whatever!  But after a few instances of strategically bypassing the article, I decided to give it a chance.
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