Texan Woman Tape Records Doctors during Surgery


I came across an article that I was hesitant to open because the headline seemed unreal.  “Black Woman Records Surgery And Hears Doctor And Staff Calling Her Racially Insensitive Slurs.”  What!? How do you record your own surgery without surgeon’s knowledge? Whatever!  But after a few instances of strategically bypassing the article, I decided to give it a chance.
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Kyrie Needs Support Too


As you may recall, earlier this week singer/songwriter, Kehlani, attempted suicide after an Instagram post suggested that she was cheating on her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavalier player, Kyrie Irving, with ex-boyfriend PartyNextDoor (PND). While the world sent prayers up for the songstress, Kyrie’s comrades remained loyal to their friend.

Fellow Cavalier, Lebron James, poured words of encouragement into his teammate, with his main concern being having a focused Kyrie during playoffs. However, friend Chris Brown surprisingly (sarcasm) took the low road, and made it clear that he was not accepting any invitations to Kehlani’s pity party.

Chris blasted Kehlani through a series of tweets that included:


While suicide is not something to take lightly, I say we all need a friend like Chris Brown.



Racqui B

“The Life of Pablo” Does Numbers


I guess Kanye isn’t the only one that loves Kanye.

Based on Tidal numbers, Kanye’s latest album, “The Life of Pablo”, was streamed over 250 million times globally in just 10 days.

Although this number is not completely unusual for artists of his magnitude, the fact that Kanye’s album was only available through one source, Tidal, makes his numbers pretty remarkable. Kudos to Kanye

Grandson Gives Grandparents the Surprise of a Lifetime


Stefun Darts was preparing for weeks for a special surprise for his grandparents. On March 20, the 24-year-old gathered his family members together at his grandparents’ home in Houston, Texas, to present his grandparents with a check for $15,000 — the amount of money needed for them to pay off their mortgage. Continue reading Grandson Gives Grandparents the Surprise of a Lifetime