World Gym Open House

Due to popular demand, World Gym Rochester and Greece have entended their open houses. Now you can visit either the 1717 East Ave. or Greece Ridge Center location through this Thursday, September 24th to take advantage of their special membership pricing. With over 65 pieces of cardio equipment, zumba classes, spinning and group fitness classes, World Gym is a special place to escape from the stress of everyday life. With a level of membership sure to meet your needs, don’t miss the open house now through Thursday.

Special Edition Watercooler this Thursday, October 1st

Join us Thursday morning for a special edition of the WDKX Watercooler with Dr. Cedric Alexander Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Oublic Safety in Georgia, founder of Camp Good Fays Gary Mervis, Sergeant Joe Vazquez, and City Council Member Adam McFadden as they discuss the community and policing, city violence, and what can be done to help! That’s this Thursday, October 1st at 7:45am. 

Bryson Tiller TRAPSOUL Album Review

Bryson Tiller TRAPSOUL… Daaayyuuummm.. it’s about time!!

I am loving this album! I don’t know where this young man came from but THANK YOU (Well Drake co-signed Bryson but I had my doubts not going to lie).

From the Intro to Right My Wrongs this album is worth every cent and then some. Bryson tells you a story through his music of love, hurt, lust, family, relationships, mistakes, and his personal journey.

His production on top of smooth vocals and dope lyrics (he can rap too) is insane. Working  with legendary producer Timbaland whom also co-signed Tiller, Milli Beatz, and others. Rhythms and beats that vibrate your core with lyrics that penetrate your mind…… Don’t, Let Em’ Know, Overtime, Sorry Not Sorry, and The Sequence give me ALL my life!

My favorite joint is Exchange  -“Just give me all of you in exchange for me” #onrepeat

TRAPSOUL is the move.  Don’t sleep on this one check it out for yourself click on album section.

Bryson Tiller #cutiepie
Bryson Tiller #cutiepie

Bryson Tiller Twitter: @brysontiller Instagram: @brysontiller


What A Time To Be Alive Album Review

I couldn’t tell if GI’s blog was about WATTBA or Rick Ross’ Black Dollar mixtape, so I decided to write my own. GI’s blog showed two things: 1. His age (he’s old) and 2. Even though he is a deejay, he doesn’t appreciate great music.

WATTBA is pure fire and please let’s not forget that they made the album in only six days. Both Drake and Future are the top two artists in the game right now and for them to collaborate for a quick 11 tracks is just not fair to the other artists out in the game (especially Meek Mill #RIP).

30 for 30 is Drake at his best and it’s my favorite track on the album. Anytime he just raps for 3-4 minutes straight, he just kills it all the way from Say Whats Real to 6pm in New York. Aside from that, Scholarships, Change Locations, Plastic Bag, Diamonds Dancing, and Jumpman are all bangers!

I’ve been listening to the album nonstop. I do not feel sorry for any artists who have released anything before or after WTTBA because they should have know better, including Rick Ross and his “Black Dollar” mixtape. I don’t know about him, but my money is green so…

Anyway, both WATTBA and Black Dollar are available to stream now at, so I’ll leave it to you all to be the judge.WATTBA

Syracuse Kisses the ‘Kiss Cam’ Goodbye

Syracuse University Retires the Kiss Cam

It’s been a tradition in a lot of sport arenas and stadiums. The kiss cam has become a norm in the industry of sporting events today. The camera scans the crowd as a love song comes on while they find a couple to share their kiss on the big screen.

The question is it cute or awkward?

Kiss Cam.jpg

The Orange men of Syracuse have put an end to the tradition that has spanned decades in the recent week. A recent Syracuse University football game kiss cam sparked the administration to eventually ban the camera all together.

A Manlius resident reported that the behavior associated with the kiss cam came off as disturbing and downgrading.

“The crowd was cheering and I instantly felt sick to my stomach. I mean it wasn’t a guess, it wasn’t a second thought, it instantly felt awful,” said Steve Port.

During the SU vs. Wake Forest game, Port said the camera closed in on students who were obviously not couples. He stated that once on camera it seemed that the male forced the female to kiss him as the crowd cheered on.

After the game, Port proceeded to write a letter discouraging the kiss cam. He sent it to the athletic officials and since then the kiss cam has been retired for now.

Port has many great ideas in why there should be a discussion about who they narrow in on and who they don’t because it causes a very awkward situation.

In a college setting where sexual assault is continuingly rising, kiss cams don’t help but display the reality of it with students who are forced to kiss.

A student stated that if the kiss cam does come back then their need to be a discussion among all parties to make it comfortable for all.

So for now Syracuse University has said goodbye to their traditional kiss cam.


Written by Sedria Thomas

Parties, Friends, and School


This student is always the first one to dance in the party, the one with the most friends, first one in class, last one in the library, and the one who has a job and an internship with a 3.8 GPA.

Who is this student you may ask?

It can be you if you put your mind to it.

College in essence has its spurts of difficulties but it is important to understand that you need a social life in order not to go insane.

Managing friends, going out and school work is not as hard as it looks it just takes time management and excellent organization skills. Without these skills, balancing all these factors becomes very difficult and hard to achieve.

While college is a learning institution it is also an institution in which an individual finds their internal self and begin making life choices. Partying and going out may be a stereotype of college but it is a great oppurtunity to give your brain a break from the extremities of your school work. Being with friends and going out will bring down stress levels and your work ethic will be better.

Before you decide to release the stress you have to get organized with your work and schedule for the week to come. In order to do this you need to organize all homework that needs to be done and split it up among the days. Then factor in any other extracurricular activities and now you have an agenda you can base your week off of. With this organization skill it gives you a pre-plan in case you want to take a break one day and go out.

On the other hand, partying and friends can also be a roadblock to your success in school work so make sure you make smart decisions. For example if you have a final on Friday it will not be the wisest choice to go out Thursday night if you don’t feel prepared for it.

Smart choices are key.

Employers look for well-rounded individuals so participating in extracurricular activities while maintaining a decent GPA will make you stand out in front of a student with a 4.0 who only focuses on school.

Just in case you still think it’s impossible to balance all the factors, take me as a prime example. In the spring semester I went out almost every weekend, have a plethora of friends, worked at the library and was still able to make Dean’s List with a 3.74.

Remember you only go to college once so make sure you enjoy it while achieving your goal.


Written by Sedria Thomas