@ creator may he forever rest in queue

Ray Tomlinson the man that created email, sent the first email and created the @ sign to be forever used as a functional key (because what the heck did we use it for before electronic messaging, I don’t remember) died this past weekend @ 74years of age.  This is not only a piece of history, but I am doing this blog tribute for those who  question that one person can not change the world.  Never doubt the importance of one.  We all have a purpose on this earth.  For this new generation deeply involved in their social media platforms it was e-mail that started it all and the @ sign that is now the key to person to person messaging.

Whether you are a nerd or not,  best recognize the man that changed the way the world communicates electronically.


DJ Sight – Jenny Thomas Story

So Thursday evening I’m surfing the internet looking for news for my show prep, and I came across this one news story on the nypost.com.  I noticed it was a story that featured a young lady who I’m friends with on Facebook by the name of Jenny Thomas. As I’m reading the story, I’m finding out she’s going to be featured on a TV show on the TLC network March 13th called Long Lost Family.
Source: NYPost.com

Written by DJ Sight

Kendrick Lamar – “Untitled Unmastered”


Last night Kendrick Lamar released his surprise album, “Untitled Unmastered” right before midnight. It is eight untitled tracked with dates probably from around the time they were recorded. Two we’ve heard before in live performances from Kendrick Lamar one from the Colbert Report with Steve Colbert and the other from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The album can be bought from iTunes. You can also stream it now by CLICKING HERE!