Saturday – Include in Your Plans Summerfest 2016

Gates Open
1PM – 4PM
Kid Zone
children 10 and under FREE with a paid adult admission
2PM – 5PM
Rochesters Own Talent
Hosted By Freddy C of “WDKX”
DJ Roc
DJ Wiz
Performances by
The Acheivers
Marshay Dominique
Team Powell
Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People
6PM – 11PM
ThrowBack 90s
Hosted By Adri V “The Go Getta” of WDKX
DJ Sight
Performances by
Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Jagged Edge

Joe Budden Drops Diss Track And Comes For Drake. Will He Respond? 

Joe Budden, has been trending on Twitter again, but lately the reason why is all about Drake.

On a new diss track, “Making a Murderer (Part 1),” which has 648,000 plays on SoundCloud and about 250,000 views on YouTube since it was posted Thursday addresses Drake by his by his first name (Aubrey) and pretty much proceed to “Murder” him on the track.

It appears the beef kicked off when Jo Budden gave his opinion on Drake’s music on his podcast.  And apparently Drake responded backa subliminal diss on the track “4PM in Calabasas.”

Joe Budden, who to me is a true wordsmiths drops this in the diss”Show the world you shouldn’t poke a man with nothing to lose/All of this just because I wasn’t in love with his Views.”  Listen to the track here!

Joe Budden

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Will Drake respond?

- @ADRIVTheGoGetta

Terri’s Thoughts on Maxwell Concert

Terri Davis

“I’m Just Sayin”


I had the opportunity to see Maxwell last night (7/7/16) at Shea’s Performing Arts Theatre in Buffalo, NY.  One thing that impressed me right from the start was that the show started pretty much on time. Needless to say, you know why THAT was impressive.  I’m just sayin’……..

Anyway, the opening act was a young man named Ro James. He talked about his musical roots implanted in him were full of soul and real music like Donny Hathaway, Maze and the like.  It was the only music his parents let him listen to at home. (Kudos to Mom and Dad). But there was one song in his set called A.D.I.D.A.S. Y’all know what that means. For those of you who don’t, it stand for All Day I Dream About Sex. Now, First of all, I wasn’t feelin’ that. I mean, he sang it well and all but what ever happen to leaving something to the imagination? That’s my issue with most of the music nowadays. The romance is gone, now it’s a blatant “This is what I want to do to you”. Y’all know what I mean. And in some instances, give details. Forgive me for sounding a little frustrated but the reason I feel that way is because this young man has a beautiful voice and can deliver the same message in a tasteful and classy way. However, even though his hit single, “With Your Permission”, does leave somewhat of a remnant to the imagination, it’s on the border. I mean, he at least asked for permission. And, yeah, I jumped my ass up when it came on cause, lets face it, it is the jam. I just think with his talent, he ain’t gotta go there. To put it simply, he could take a queue from Maxwell.  I’m just sayin’…..

Speaking of Maxwell, my reason for going….O……M…..G!!!!!!!! Did NOT disappoint .This man came out in a pair of sunglasses and a baby blue suit that fit like a glove. Well tailored and simple. For me, less is always more. The suit fit him so well it shone on him like an aura. It was as if  IT was it’s own spotlight….without even trying to be. And I’m sure the ladies in the theatre will agree that when he took off those sunglasses and smiled at the audience it felt like he was taking us all out on a date. He was smooth, warm and his energy was contagious. He made you feel like it was more of an intimate setting than a concert. That was just his stage presence. His performance was a whole other animal. You know how when you go to a concert and listen to the artist, it doesn’t quite sound like what you expected? Well, This man sounded better in person because “he be sangin’!!!! Okaay!!!! No synthesizers, no voice enhancers, none of that. Just a smooth, sultry delivery on every cut. He even let the guys know that they may be getting lucky with their ladies tonight. Y’all know he right. I’m just sayin…. And the man has got some interesting moves from his dancing on stage to his dancing index finger. His right index finger looks like it’s dancing itself on its own when he’s in the zone. But lets face it, gotta give it up to the band as well.

Again, a whole other animal. They were crisp, and clear. Every solo was amazing from the horns to the drums, OMG, the drums and the organ. That organ took me somewhere to where I didn’t know if I was coming or going. It was incredible. But together they were like one instrument. All it all, it was a great show and I would definitely see him again.. and you should too. I’m just sayin’……


unnamed-1It is a scene that is being described as “legal lynching” after a 2 minute video clip surfaced on social media of a black Louisiana man being harassed and killed by white policemen.

Tuesday night a call was made to Baton Rouge police about a black male selling CD’s outside a local food mart being disorderly and making threats.  Alton Sterling, 37, was later approached by two police officers that man handled him, placed a gun to his head, and pulled the trigger multiple times.  Witnesses say the initial interaction between Sterling and the officers didn’t call for such a reaction.  That Sterling didn’t pose an immediate threat to the officers.  Both cops are now on administrative leave while further investigation is taken place and the city of Baton Rouge is protesting.

This tragedy occurs just about a week after Jesse Williams moved mountains with his powerful-politically charged speech at the BET Awards.  It’s so easy to chant “black lives matter”, or print it on a T-shirt, or post it on social media, but what are we doing to execute our stance.  Reality is, for majority of us, black lives really only matter when it hits close to home.   We bandwagon until the hype dies, and then we repeat.  How many speeches will Jesse Williams have to make for us to really take action and revamp our nation??



Rochester reacts  to Alton Sterling below:

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Racqui B


Free Noontime Concerts Downtown

Downtown Noontime Concert Series Begins This Week

Mayor Lovely A. Warren announced today that the free Noontime Concert Series kicks off Wednesday, July 6 with the Travis Prinzi Band at Aqueduct Park, a pocket park on the corner of Main and Graves Street near the Main Street Bridge in Downtown Rochester.

“Our Noontime Concerts are fun experiences for Downtown residents, workers and visitors,” said Mayor Warren. “This longstanding tradition is one of the many summer events that bring vitality to Rochester and bolster our efforts to bring more jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities to our citizens.”

The concerts are held on Wednesdays through August 3. The remaining Noontime Concerts include:
July 13: Me and the Boyz (Jazz);
July 20: 40 Rod Lighting (Alternative Americana);
July 27: Marvin Parker Band N Public (R & B); and
August 3: La Muralla (Salsa).

All concerts take place from noon to 1p.m. Attendees are encouraged to bring a lunch and a lawn chair. The concerts take place rain or shine with no alternative rain dates or locations.