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No Indictment In Sandra Bland Case

Sandra Bland
Sandra Bland
(Texas) A grand jury decided there will be no indictment in the case Sandra Bland who died in her jail cell last July.

Sandra Bland’s death sparked protest nationally because she was found hanged in a Texas jail cell after being arrested July 10th for a routine traffic stop. A medical examiner ruled her death a suicide.

The grand jury will reconvene January 6th to “take up remaining issues” according to special prosecutor Darrell Jordan.

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Is 50 Cent A Deadbeat Dad?


So I was strolling strolling through the Instagram neighborhood and came across The Shaderoom’s post from 50 Cent (which he later deleted) of a picture with him and his oldest son Marquis Jackson.

The caption underneath the photo reads “This kid is going to hate his mother when she realizes what she did to him. He has to make it on his own like I did. SMH GOOD LUCK !!!” That REALLY bothers me.. The mere fact you would deny your child for any reason is not cool 50. #excuse
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