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RushCard Settles To Pay $19 Million


If you are one of the individuals who used RushCard last year and were not able to access funds or pay bills due to the “technical problem” your reimbursement is on the way.

RushCard has settled to pay out $19 million to customers which would tally out about $100 per user but may increase to $500 if you can document any losses you encountered from the outage.

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RPD And RFD Will Escort RCSD Students & Staff In Peace March


WHO: Students, staff, parents, community volunteers, RPD officers, and RFD firefighter, and Interim Superintendent Linda Cimusz

WHAT: Students and staff cap-off a week of activities to promote peace with a march through the school neighborhood

WHEN: Friday, May 13, 2016, 1:30 p.m.  Continue reading RPD And RFD Will Escort RCSD Students & Staff In Peace March

Video Game Stephen Curry Jealous Of The Real Stephen Curry (Video)

Apparently, NBA 2K16 Stephen Curry is feeling some kind of way because the real life Curry is putting up his video game numbers on the court in real life.

Because of this NBA 2K16 and Under Armor are teaming up to make the digital Curry as great as the real Curry for the next 30 hours. Hahaha that is too funny!

A video has surfaced of digital Curry watching the real Stephen Curry play and it’s hilarious!  Continue reading Video Game Stephen Curry Jealous Of The Real Stephen Curry (Video)

Is The Man Lucky Or The Gas Station? Man Wins Big Twice With NYS Lottery

Bruce Magistro Lotto Winner
Bruce Magistro Lotto Winner

This lucky guy Bruce Magistro wins a $1 million scratch off twice in 4 years and I can’t even win a game of Bingo once!

Hopefully he’s does right with his money like our money coach Cheryl McKiever teaches us spend some, save some, invest some, and give some back. Hopefully he will be rich for a long time and everything works out.
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HIV/AIDS Highest Rate For African-Americans In Atlanta GA.


I can’t Believe this story I read about the HIV/Aids epidemic that’s going on in Atlanta GA.

Reports are say it’s just as bad as a 3rd world country according to  the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

This makes me think about how a lot of people from Rochester move to ATL and aren’t aware of issues like this.

Just make sure you WRAP IT UP.

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