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Foodlink Offers Free Cooking Workshops

Foodlink is offering free cooking demonstrations with a nutritionist at the Rochester Public Market Saturday May 2nd from 9am-1pm.

The demonstrations are open for everyone and will run thorough the summer Thursday’s and Saturday’s.

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Friends With Benefits A Good Thing Or Nah?

There is a new study that shows “friends with benefits” isn’t a good idea and only 15% of those relationships actually work.

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My opinion, I think the number is a lot lower than 15% but it depends on your definition of “friends with benefits”.  If you have someone you occasionally hang out with that includes “benefits” I think the number is lower than 15% BUT if you are friends FIRST without “benefits”  then I think the number will be far greater.

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New Custody Battles Over Dogs For Divorced Couples

If you’re married or in a relationship that has come to an end and you own a dog together,  you may find yourself in court battling for custody.

A couple in N.Y.C. who recently divorced had to work out custody of their twin pugs in court because they couldn’t agree who should get the dogs.

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