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Mainly dry but the chance of a few scattered showers & thunderstorms this Memorial Day weekend with a definite taste of summer. Stay in touch for all details and updates. Complete forecast details also on my Facebook page.


UPDATED May 26, 2018…………………..

Normal High 70° Average Low 49°


SATURDAY Memorial Day Weekend 

(Like Summer)

Mostly Sunny. Warm. Humid. Mainly Dry.

(Few PM Isolated Scattered Showers & Thunderstorms in Finger Lakes)

(Rain 0.00”-0.00”) (Rain 0%)

High 88°. W 5-10

6 (2)


Mostly Cloudy. Muggy.

(Rain 0%) (Rochester Area Rain 0.00”-.00”)

Low 63°

NE 5-10


 SUNDAY Memorial Day Weekend (Like Summer)

Partly Sunny.  Mainly Dry.

(Few Isolated Scattered Showers & Thunderstorms.)

Warm. Humid. (Rochester Rain .00”-.25”)

(Rain 50%)

High 85°/Low 64°.

SW 5-10

8 (2)


The WDKX Extended Forecast.

MONDAY Memorial Day (Like Summer)

(Few Scattered Showers & Thunderstorms.)

Warm & Humid. Partly Sunny.

(Rochester Rain 0.00”-0.25”)

(Rain 30%)

High 87°/Low 63°.

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Mostly Sunny. Not as Warm & Humid.

(Rain 30%)

High 78°/Low 58°.


Mostly Sunny. (Rain 0%)

High 80°/Low 62°.


Mostly Cloudy. Showers & Thunderstorms

(Rain 50%)

High 80°/Low 63°.


Partly Sunny. Showers & Thunderstorms.

(Rain 50%)

High 78°/Low 63°.

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Summer Forecast 2018 May 1, 2018 7pm

Hey folks. Well each season we attempt to use our crystal ball (otherwise known as a series of super computer forecast model programs) to look ahead and give you an idea of what to expect, in this case summer 2018. I have been doing this for the past several years, because you ask for it. Though not etched in stone, I have come up with my Summer Forecast for Rochester and the Northeast, all based on the latest climate data.

In a nutshell, based on the latest, it looks like we will have a wetter than normal Summer 2018. Meaning once totaled, we will have above average rainfall for our area between June-July-August.


 It further looks like we will have a warmer than average Summer. Meaning once totaled, we will have above average temperatures for our area between June-July-August.