New Season Of Cheater’s Ooops… Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Captain Kirk aka Rasheeda’ s husband, Kirk Frost has fathered another child and the mother is NOT his wife Rasheeda. 

Kirk’s new baby mama is a stripper named Jasmine that he allegedly has been seeing and taking care for about year without Rasheeda knowing.

According to Baller Alert, Kirk’s mistress said he didn’t want her to strip for them dollars anymore so he gave her a monthly stipend and a car. However, once she called it quits Kirk stopped helping her thus the reason she is demanding a paternity test and $2,500 a month for child support for Kirk.

Talk about putting salt on a wound, Kirk didn’t tell Rasheeda before they started filming the new season of Love & Hip Hop which Jasmine will be appearing on.

It’s reported that Rasheeda got wind of the situation and she quit filming. And allegedly Kirk wasn’t aware Jasmine was going to appear in this new season.

Wow…. Are we surprised??!!  Ummmm… No, but by now you’d think Kirk would be done with his shenanigans smh.

Rasheeda did start filming again after taking a time out and talking it out with producers.

Damn, I know Rasheeda is going through it – definitely not an easy situation to deal with.

Well, we will have a front seat to this mess and watch it all play out on the new season of L&HH ATL.