Teen Dies Running From A Group Chasing Him With A Gun Using Racial Slurs

Dayshen McKenzie
Dayshen McKenzie

Staten Island, N.Y. – Last Friday 16 year-old Dayshen McKenzie collapsed and died from an asthma attack as he was running from a large group of white teens yelling “I’m gonna shoot you, n—-r” while chasing him with a gun.  

Ex-NYPD officer, Diane Fatigati rushed to his aid and attempted to save McKenzie’s life. She said the group chasing McKenzie should be charged with murder. The ex-NYPD officer also stated the group chasing him consisted of white males, one hispanic male, and they were in vehicles two of them had Pennsylvania license plates.

No charges were filed or arrest made in this incident. After the New York Daily News made an inquiry about the case NYPD Hate Crime investigators said they were going to talk to witnesses again.

Having family members who suffer from asthma I know it’s a scary situation when a person is experiencing an asthma attack.

I don’t understand why authorities did not find any fault with the group of people who were chasing this young man. That is madness to me and I say that because fear alone can trigger an asthma attack not to mention running for your life from people chasing you with a gun… smh.

I hope the family of Dayshen McKenzie receives some sort of justice for their son because the fact the group was chasing him alone should of been enough to warrant charges.

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