What “Inspiring Beauty” Means to You

Inspiring beauty is the warmth of the sun every morning when you awake. That moment you are so confused, and right before you are about to give up the solution finds you. Inspiring beauty is a vivid rainbow after a rainy day. Graffiti in street. The strength it takes to smile especially when life is its most difficult. A soul that is persistent and a mind that craves knowledge. A heart who’s biggest goal is to love and nurture all that it comes in contact with.

To the naked eye it may look just like a lump of coal. However, to the one that takes the time to wipe away the dirt and grime, it is a sweet treasure. Inspiring beauty is the boy who has no one to guide him and is contemplating selling drugs in order to support his family. Or a girl who’s only with is to be loved, but she is looking everywhere besides within herself.

Inspiring beauty is my city. Hear more bad things than good regarding her lately. Everyone only concerned with everything that she isn’t. To me she will always be home, she will always be strong, and she will always be beautiful.

Written by Diamond Mull