Dej Loaf Tweets “Kids, Don’t Do Drugs”

Dej Loaf is now one of my top favorite artist and it’s not only is she a dope rapper but because she is not afraid to go against the grain. #SayNoToDrugs

Over the weekend  Dej Loaf took to her IG & Twitter accounts to tell her fans the story of how she ended up in the hospital from a drug overdose while on Nicki Minaj’s Pink PrintTour.

If you ever thought you couldn’t overdose on weed think again!

Check out the gallery of  Dej’s tweets. 

Dej Loaf

Dej Loaf 2 Dej Loaf 3

The fact that she spoke up about her experience I appreciate & admire greatly.

You may not see this as a big thing but to put this in perspective, when is the last time you heard an entertainer tell kids not to do drugs?