Rachel Maddow Breaks Down Donald Trump’s Racists Remarks After S***hole Comment

Normally I don’t post long news clips but this one by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is an eye opener and it helped me figure out why Trump is programming the citizens of this country (us) to think ‘Fake News’.  

Let’s start off with this is my opinion and only my opinion, Donald Trump has been lying to us from day one. It started before he was put into office not by us but by the electoral vote but lets start with the fact that he lied about his inauguration attendance.

So back to the reason why ‘fake news’ is being forced into our minds. Because Donald Trump is a smart business man that is proactive and is protecting is ‘brand’ by creating the narrative rather than allowing us to form our conclusion based on actual facts.

Trump is for self and his own interests he is NOT for the American people. He is a narcissist, a control freak, he lies, he is a bigot, and he is a racist period point blank.

So if he programs the American people to think the media is reporting ‘fake news’ then he controls the narrative and so it shall be. If he slips up (which he knew he would because he is a smart business man) he’s already put the spin on it “it’s fake news, it didn’t come from me, don’t believe it.”

I’m sure he understands himself and the fact that his views are his views and they won’t change he’s an old dog, therefore, anything reported by anyone in media other than himself or his trusted sources is not real news.

THIS is really happening! #staywoke

This dude is not right and what he is doing is NOT okay.

Check out how Rachel Maddow breaks everything down. What she say’s will provide you with a different perspective, a different lens with a clearer view.

Side note: Trump mentioned selling F-52 planes to Norway. Did you know for a a fact they ONLY exist in the video game Call Of Duty? Now that’s scary.

Here is the new clip with Rachel Maddow