63 Year Old Woman Becomes College Freshman At Georgetown

63 year old retired chef Mélisande Short-Colomb, is heading back to Georgetown University as a freshman after finding out she is a descendent of one of the 272 slaves the Jesuits sold to pay off the schools debt. Short-Colomb found out through Facebook when a genealogist contacted her and asked her if she was related to Mary Ellen Queen who was sold to fund the University.

She was offered a legacy admission status as a part of Georgetown’s effort to address the role they played in profiting from the slave trade in 1838.

Short-Colomb told CNN “I’m not here to live the 18- to 22-year-old experience. I’m here for a very specific reason … to know more.” She is majoring in African-American studies to learn more about her ancestors.

A mother of four and two grandchildren Short-Colomb has her own dorm room, keeps a stash of noodles, cookies, and also has a rocking chair!

Remember you never stop learning no matter how old you are follow your dreams!!