Fashion Friday

The most on-trend color of the fall-winter season, Is found in a wine inspired wardrobe.

On Friday, Nikki Rudd & Jazz Williams wore deep purple lace dresses on the Ch.10 morning news. You can get this look from Lord & Taylor.
Accessorize with some red, beige or metallic accents.
“The #1 buy for those looking to refresh you wardrobe
right now is Cranberry!”
San Francisco-based stylist Julia Piccolotto, says Anything from the cranberry color family will wake up your outfit. From dresses to overcoats, to pants, boots and purses.
You can’t go wrong with wearing deep reds where you wouldn’t have thought to before. You see different hues of burgundy and red everywhere for Fall and Winter 2017.
Velvet is by far one of my favorite materials, but is even better when it is in my favorite winter hue. The burgundy red color is great for winter and also a go-to for your upcoming Christmas party.
Jazz Williams, 2017 Rochester Fashion Week