Photo by Brandon Vick Photography

Fashion Week: Lead The Way The Look And Who Created It

The amount of gratitude I hold in my heart to be able to say that I am a part of the culture and legacy of WDKX, which started off as an idea – a dream of founder Andrew A. Langston 43 years ago is unexplainable with just words. It’s something that I feel everyday I walk through the doors of 683 E. Main St.

With that said it was truly an honor representing WDKX in the Lead The Way event for Rochester’s Fashion Week!  

This last minute opportunity (thanks to Andre for throwing me in the deep end hahaha) allowed me to reach out to the community for help because I had no idea what I was going to wear or do for makeup and my hair.

Thank you to Jadah Blue and Ronnie Noir for pointing me in the direction of three brilliant individuals that I seriously couldn’t of done this without them! #diamondsintheroc


Let the beauty of what love be what you do – Rumi

We start with makeup.

Ty thank you!! You absolutely do not provide a service you provide an experience that is felt through your creativity, passion, and positive energy. The work that you do is exceptional and you are a beautiful spirit.

Your story is amazing and I’m wishing you the best because it has yet to come keep doing what you do!

MUA: Tyshala (Ty)

Ty’s Beauty Studio – 205 Monroe Avenue
Instagram: @tyshala


Next up hair.

Let me tell you Mo Jahi over at Hair Essence a.k.a. hair slay all day she does not play! Sooooo loved my hair thank you for making me look and feel beautiful!!

Your professionalism is excellent and your work speaks for itself I can not wait to come back.

Hair Stylist: MÖ JĀHI
Hair Essence 24 Hinchey Rd.
Facebook: MÖ JĀHI


Last but never ever least outfit. Issa Nathaniel’s Original by Nate of course!

Dooooope!! This is so me lol.

Thank you Nate for capturing my personality in the clothes that is a unique and special gift you have. You are truly an auh-mazing designer!!

Nathaniel’s Original by Nate
Instagram: @nateshop