White House Wants ESPN Host Gone

ESPN host Jemele Hill is under fire for her recent comments about President Trump on her personal Twitter page.

Hill referred to Trump as a “white supremacist” and the entire White House wants her gone, calling her tweet a “fireable offense.”

This is ridiculous I’m sick of the circus.

1.) Freedom of speech

2.) It is her personal account. In no way does it reflect the views of ESPN the corporation.

3.) It is SOCIAL MEDIA. Stop making it bigger than it is. We give too much power to something that doesn’t even exist.

4.) Why are you mad? Because she’s right?

People have been expressing their opinions about presidents for as long as I remember. We, the people, have a right to do so. See number 1.

I don’t ever remember Obama’s team calling for anyone to get fired when they said all those UNTRUE things about him. This woman Jemele Hill is speaking her truth and her job is on the line? For what?

Then they made her release a statement, which I don’t think she needed to do.

You know my thoughts on the story, what are yours?