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Workout Wednesday: Balance Lunges

Get ready to engage that core while activating those quads, glutes, hamstrings and biceps!!




So you can do these with or without dumbbells. I used 20lbs dumbbells in each hand, but do what’s best for you.

You’re gonna do 20 lunges down and 20 back (3 times). When you go down into your lung keep your front foot pointed straight and bend the leg in a 90 degree angle (without letting your knee go pass your toe)  and make sure your back knee doesn’t touch the ground just let it hover about an inch off the ground. Then when you bring your back leg to the front, before putting it down, hold it in the air for two seconds engaging your core.

Proceed to feel the burn!

To spice it up add a bicep curl while balancing at the top or while in the lunge.

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