Mayor Lovely Warren Announces The City Will Say Buh-Bye To Vacant Homes

Many people have called into the Watercooler for the last few years expressing their concerns about vacant homes and how they negatively impact neighborhoods through out the city.

Well Mayor Warren answered your prayers!  

The Mayor announced Tuesday that the City of Rochester will finally get rid of the vacant houses.

The mayor explained there are 175 homes on the demolition list for this fiscal years and each one of them will be torn down. There will also be some vacant homes that will be rehabilitated and sold to first time homebuyers though the City’s Land Bank $1.5 million grant.

For city residents in neighborhood’s where these vacant homes are a serious issue due to drugs, heroine overdoses, and gangs this comes as a relief.

Some of our #Frontliners chimed in with their thought’s.

#00: They just knocked down a house on Evergreen St…. It was known for drug users… Using heroin.. I think multiple over doses there.

#59: Wow! It’s finally happening. Will be a big improvement to a lot of city neighborhood’s.

#33: Those homes are a nuisances. Glad to see them go they are an eye sore.

“Vacant and blighted properties blemish the very streets we are trying to revive, bringing down home values, quality of life and the morale of the neighborhood,” Mayor Warren said as she announced the city’s plan to demolish to houses that are beyond repair.