Celebrating The 44th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Hip Hop

Did you notice the Google doodle image today??

The reason you see Google in graffiti is because today marks the 44th Anniversary of the birth of a form of music that has literally become the most popular in the world today!

“Hip Hop, was set out in the dark – Hip Hop, they used to do it out in the park” – MC Shan from The Juice Crew 

August 11, 1973,  was the day 18 year old DJ Kool Herc decided to throw a back to school jam in the Bronx of NYC. Herc made the move to switch things up a little and he started to play a set of “break beats” which are the instrumental parts of songs only.  While Herc dropped the beats his friend Coke La Rock hyped the crowd which would become known as emceeing or MC and that in a nut shell was how Hip Hop began.

MC Shan breaks it down in the  classic 1988 song “They Used To Do In the Park (Born To Be Wild)” 

Hip Hop has become one of the most influential and popular music in the world today. Just to think it all started from a man who made the decision to do something different.

Dare to dream, dare to be unique and never be afraid to try something new!

You never know you might be the next person to change the world with one small idea.

To read more on how Hip Hop was born click Google.