Disney’s Leaving Netflix

It’s time for a family meeting! Disney’s move to leave Netflix in 2019 will lead to something being cut from the family budget for entertainment.

It was great while it lasted. The kids could watch Netflix kids show up stairs, My wife and I could watch our Netflix shows down stairs. Everybody Wins. For the same price.
At my house, we currently have Cable, Netflix and Amazon. If we add Disney which may include all the Disney movies and TV shows and Disney owns the ABC Nework and another streaming ESPN service which could be start 2018, it looks like we’re signing up for that service too.
So now what? It looks like we’ll have to do a pros-and-cons list for all of our current entertainment services. How do you get the most for your entertainment dollar? We’ll ask our Money Coach Dr. Cheryl McKeiver Thursday Morning on the WDKX Water Cooler.



written by Tariq