Drinking May Lower Diabetes Risk

I cannot keep up with all these health studies. Meats bad, sugars bad,    eggs are bad. There are so many foods experts say are dangerous for our bodies, but finally there’s something they claim is good for you! Moderate drinking! That’s right, experts claim drinking wine and beer may actually decrease our diabetes risk.

In Denmark researchers surveyed over 70,000 people over 5 years. They found that men that reported drinking 14 drinks a week and women drinking 9 were at the lowest risk.

Researchers say,

“Our findings suggest that alcohol drinking frequency is associated with the risk of diabetes and that consumption of alcohol over three to four weekdays is associated with the lowest risks of diabetes.”

It’s suggested that if you’re going to drink, spread out throughout the week instead consuming a week’s worth of alcohol in one day. Over consumption can actually lead to an increase risk of diabetes.

For men drinking three to four times a week the study found a link to a 27% lower risk of diabetes for women 32%!

Catch you at happy hour, for ya know, health reasons 😉