shia labeouf

Even Steven’s Star has Racially Fueled Outburst

Shia LaBeouf had a racially charged outburst while being fingerprinted at a jail in Savannah, Georgia.

LaBeouf was arrested and taken in Saturday morning for public drunkenness, while in Savannah, Georgia filming for a new movie. He became belligerent after being turned away for asking for a cigarette and police were called.

His publicist He took to twitter to apologize.

What is the phrase, “a drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts?”

This is one of many times he’s been arrested for public drunkenness. He may in fact have an addiction, but his addiction may be a result of an untreated psychological or emotional distress. According to records he has a lifelong history of reckless behavior with incidents including theft at ages 9 and 11, attempting to stab a neighbor, refusing to a leave Walgreens(?), and misconduct during a live performance.