The Wake Up Club’s Review of All Eyez on Me

Reviews from Sight & Reign


Sight’s review:

After all the criticism on social media from different people about the movie, it made me want to go see the movie for myself. I must say I disagree with some of the opinions about the movie it was just like any other biopic there were a few things that could have been done better or just left out.
Jada Pinkett voiced her opinion about the movie over the weekend. She said she was very displeased with the storyline about her and Tupac arguing she said that never happened. Only the people who were around Tupac at the time can really give their thoughts on the accuracy of the movie.
Overall, I thought it was a good movie just as good as Straight Outta Compton or better if you like Straight Outta Compton you’ll definitely like All Eyez On Me.
Demetrius Shipp Jr. killed the role as Tupac no pun intended from the look mannerism & voice.
Reign’s response:
Whaaat?? You thought it was better than Straight Outta Compton?!

I thought it sucked.. Lifetime has put together better biopics than that.. It didn’t show anything I didn’t already know and I’m not a huge Pac fan. They could of done a lot better of a job and some of the movies accuracy was questionable.

The actor who played Pac was excellent in the role.

I feel asleep twice during the movie… I enjoyed the a/c though it felt good to be in the cold air for a few hours.