Tiger Woods DUI Arrest Video Released By Police (Video)

So police in Jupiter, Florida released the full video of Tiger Woods DUI arrest. 

Woods stated he had not been drinking to the police officer when asked if he had any alcohol. When the officer asked Tiger if he knew where he was going he replied “Uhh no,” then the officer asked you were just driving around or?” Woods replied, “I like to drive.”

The officer also asked Woods if he took any medication and he told the officer “Yes.”

I watched some of the video kind of jumping through it and I really started to feel bad for Tiger to the point I couldn’t bare to watch it anymore.

I can’t determine if he was drunk or if it was in fact, his medication that had him impaired but driving under the influence of anything is never EVER okay… EVER.

Tiger needs some serious help and I hope he has the support around him to get him to a better place. It is apparent that he struggling with life, loss, and himself internally.