#RompHim Rompers For Men Or Nah?

#RompHim or Rompers for guys are the new trend in fashion for the Summer.  

I’ve seen a few athletes and celebrities already wearing these man Rompers like Cam Newton (pictured above). So I have to ask the fellas are you feeling the #RompHim or nah?

I wonder if Tariq would wear one of these? Sight might because he thinks he’s Mr. Sexy Man and it will be easy for him to strip out of – one and done lol.

They might be cute if worn right. Plus, you won’t have to see his underwear from the sagging pants which would be a change of scenery so when you think about it this could actually be a win win!

Ladies would you like to see more men in the #RompHim?

James Bond wore one in Goldfinger and he his swagger is always on one thousand so #RompHims could be the way to go.