Ariane Andrew Loves Vanilla “A Little Vanilla And A Little Chocolate” #Swirl

So ex-WWE star Cameron said that she only dates white men and that mixed race couples make beautiful babies.  

TMZ caught up with Cameron whose real name is Ariane Andrew and asked her about The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) then asked if she date white men. She replied “I actually love white guys.”

Ariane continued, “I don’t date black guys”… “A little vanilla and a little chocolate, they make cute babies.”

Hmmmm…. What are you’re thoughts on interracial dating? Do you exclusively date outside of your race? If so why?

Yep, I’m bringing this to the Wake Up Club tomorrow morning!

I myself am a product of the swirl and I ALWAYS bet on black.

Maybe her and Rachel Dolezal should trade bodies…. Was that mean?? Sorry.. No not really. *shrugs*