World Records Held Before 2005 May No Longer Exist

If you are a conspiracy theorist, truth teller, or false flagger then you would might say this news article I came across in Sports Illustrated is the “Mandela Effect” or the “reset”.

Hmmm….. Anyway, the move by the International Association of Athletics Federation would make things very interesting in the world of sports and be unprecedented if they actually push this new rule through and “reset” world records held by by athletes in track and field.  

Yep, the IAAF would wipe the slate clean before the year 2005. That means one of the fastest women ever on the planet, Florence Griffith-Joyner aka Flo-Jo world record for the 100m and the 200m would cease to exist.

Flo Jo2 flo-jo-08

Just wipe the slate clean like it never happened in other words erase history…. Crazy right?!

The reason behind the reset is the IAAF only has blood and urine samples from athletes since 2005 so any records before that could be affected. Under the new rule blood and urine samples have to be tested around six times prior to the athlete breaking any world records.

If they push this ruling through and the records are reset conspiracy theorist around the planet or flat earth as they say will celebrate in their righteous glory.

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