WUC Recap: Dumb Dumb Of The Day & Feedback Friday Question Of The Day

In case you missed the Wake Up Club with Tariq, Reign, and DJ Sight or you just want to read the text we could not say on-air here you go!

Things got a little interesting after Dumb Dumb of The Day. If you missed it listen below.

After Dumb Dumb of the Day we asked the question what is the craziest lie you ever told someone you were in a relationship with to get yourself out of a situation or trouble? Boy oh boy did that open up a can of worms lol.

Here are some of the responses from our Frontliners.

Frontliner #1 – A lie I used was, I had a warrant out of state and I had to turn myself in…. reason being was because the woman was becoming very clingy and getting too attached

Frontliner #2 – I pretended I made a meal but I bought it from Wegmans and put it on fancy plates. When they came I put pots in sink washing them so they think I was cleaning up lol.

Frontliner #3 – I had death in the family.

Frontliner #4 – To be a great liar, u have to know how to plan lies in advance and tell lies to set up the “finale lie”……..for example, I once told a female I was in the army, and that I could be shipped out any minute…….. i resemble my oldest brother a lot so I showed her his army photos as if it was me………so fast forward 2 months, she began to get a little clingy, so I had to put in motion the “finale lie”…… I was being shipped to Germany for a year……. when she asked to see me before I left I told her I had to depart immediately, I dressed in my brother’s army suit and sent her a photo of me holding a sign saying “I’ll miss you”…….. yea I know, that lie was a little extreme but she used to get mad about how much time I spent with my kids and she even tried to throw hot coffee in my face for spending the night at my mom house…….. so yea, crazy ***** had to go.

(Now whom ever this was that sent this text is a great liar hahaha now THAT is commitment!)

Frontliner #5 – My girlfriend caught me sucking my sister-in-law breast and i said i was checking her breast milk for the baby.

(**side eye** lol)

Frontliner #6 – I knew a girl who actually move in her side piece with her husband and told him it was her cousin while he was upstairs playing video games they will be downstairs on the laundry room smashing she lied and kept it all in-house she didn’t even try to separate.

Frontliner #7 – I had a similar situation except my side piece was my boyfriend’s cousin who lived with us. I would be downstairs doing “laundry” when he was upstairs sleeping.

Frontliner #8 – I found an old arrest warrant took a picture of it and text it to her then a few hours later I had my cousin text her from her phone and tell her they kept me.

Frontliner #9 – Told my wife I was going to work overtime at my job meanwhile I was seeing someone on the side and would take them to my moms actually ended up getting the girl pregnant.