Some Thursday Motivation From Oprah Winfrey – Take Care Of You

In light of my moment of frustration yesterday I realized I needed to take break to take care of ME. I think we, specifically women, have a bad habit of pushing through life no matter the circumstances taking care of everyone and everything else but ourselves.

So I thought I would share with you a moment from Oprah Winfrey that motivated me to take a break and take care of me.

Take a break for you it’s okay!

I don’t know if we are designed or programmed to put ourselves last but, I feel that we have to rethink, reprogram, and reboot to rebuild ourselves. We must be full spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally so we can be okay to continue to take care of those around us.

Put it this way, if we are not good we can not be good for anyone else which for me was a life lesson I learned the hard way. I don’t fully know God’s plan for me however, I do know that while I’m on this planet I must pass on the knowledge I’ve gained like those that have come before me to make your world a little bit better.

So please take a moment even if it is 10 minutes today to fill yourself up. How you do it is solely up to you. An example of the things I like to do are working out, meditate, pray,  play a video game, walk my dogs, or just simply sit in silence.

You have to figure out what works for you and STOP… Don’t make that excuse “well I don’t have time” if the GOAT Oprah Winfrey can find time then you can too!