Malia Obama Has a Stalker

( DJ SIGHT ) A Brooklyn man was arrested and detained after begging Malia Obama to marry him. 10 days ago, Jair Nilton Cardoso, a man that has been repeatedly escorted off of White House property, snuck into the Tribeca building where Malia Obama is interning to ask for her hand in marriage. He made it all the way up to the fourth floor of the building, held a sign up in the office window, and loudly begged for her love.

Secret Service quickly responded, kicking the man out of the building. Two days later, the same man followed Malia out of the building all the way to West Village!!The man was told again to leave her alone and stay away.

Secret Service got an address on the man, went to his apartment to interrogate him and ultimately determined that he is  suffering from a mental illness and was taken into custody.