New Study Explains Why Shoes Come Untied #Really

You ever wonder why your shoelaces keep coming untied? (Not really I think I may already know why) 

Well a professor and two graduate students from the University of California, Berkeley conducted a study to figure out why our shoelaces come untied.

So the team did about a total of 100 hours of stomping, leg swinging while sitting on tables, wandering in the halls of the school, and running on treadmills to see just how the laces can come undone.

Basically, they discovered that the impact of your foot hitting the ground loosens the knot and then the swinging motion of your foot while walking or running makes your laces slip out of the knot.

They also found that tying a stronger bow would combat the problem.

*blank stare*

Did it really take a mechanical engineer and two graduate students to figure that out?? I thought the secret was already revealed and solved by Terry Moore back in 2005 with TED Talks…… *another blank stare**

Am I the only one who thinks some folks just have way too much time and funding on their hands??

How about finding a way to prevent suicide or accidental death by guns?

Example, figure out a way to engineer guns to not fire at a certain distance or angle such as, when a person is holding the gun to their head or any other part of their body.

I don’t know maybe I’m thinking too much or it’s time for me to log off for the day.

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