Young Thug Has Charges Dropped Attorneys Argue Raid Illegal

The moment when having a good attorney pays off especially when you’re Young Thug. 

Young Thug aka Jeffery won’t have go to jail well for the three counts of felony gun charges and two drug charges (one cocaine and the other weed) he faced in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Mr. Thug has some pretty good attorney’s on retainer that argued the police raided his place without a legal search warrant and won for the most part.

The D.A. dropped all of the charges except one of the marijuana charges and Jeffery’s lawyers are trying to get that one tossed out the window as well.

Oh and have you heard the new song off of Drake’s album that features Mr. Thug and 2 Chainz?? I was quite surprised and impressed.

I’m definitely not a Young Thug super fan BUT, when I heard him on Sacrifices I stopped what I was doing to double check that it was him I was hearing. He can rap actually rap not mumble and he sounds VERY good!

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