Remember Joyce Mitchell? The Woman Who Helped Inmates Escape In 2015

Joyce Mitchell definitely will not be released anytime soon from prison for her role in the escape of two convict’s from Clinton Correctional Facility back in June of 2015. 

Mitchell was denied parole back in February because the panel felt that she is not fit for release deeming her “incompatible with the welfare of society.”

Apparently, Mitchell told the parole panel she wants to pursue a career in criminal justice. *blank stare*

Sidebar: Did she really think that was going to fly with the parole board??

Ummmmm….Some people are out of their mind and she is no exception. This woman plotted to kill her husband with two inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt for sex. Mitchell also smuggled tools in the prison to help the two inmates escape by hiding the tools in frozen meat. Mind you she worked in the prison as a seamstress.

It sounds like a movie but this is a very true story and Lifetime is here for it with “NY Prison Break: The Seduction Of Joyce Mitchell.”

Check out the trailer.

Source: NYDailyNews