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Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month in 1987. Believe it or not ladies that progress. It only took seven years for us to get from a week-long celebration to a whole month. Did you know that every President since Jimmy Carter issued a special proclamation which honored the extraordinary achievements of American women? Even schools, churches and community based organizations are encouraged to host celebratory events for women in March.

Don’t start partying just yet, Donald Trump’s presidency has some women scared straight, and instead of celebrating National Women’s History Month these chicks are using this time to protest and advocate for reproductive rights, pay equity and legislation that would ensure equal rights for women in the U.S. Constitution.

The Presidents seem to think they know the rank order of women’s issues, wants and needs. Trump states that women are unprotected and treated disgracefully as second class citizens. Obama stated that, we have come far, but there is still far to go in shattering the glass ceiling that holds women back, let us uphold the responsibility that falls on all of us regardless of gender and fight for equal opportunity for our daughters as well as our sons. Carter stated, too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed.