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Walk for Hope

The new roof is nearly completed, but now it’s time to

replace the old worn-out boiler before the cold weather arrives.

A fund-raising event being organized by the Corn Hill Neighborhood Association on 9/29.

It’s the Frederick Douglass Walk for Hope, and all donated funds will go directly to Montgomery this year.

Tariq’s Bill Blog

The Buffalo Bills had the worst week 2 in the NFL. Not just because they lost to the Chargers 31-20, and drop to (0-2) on the year.  They also had a player retire in the middle of the game Vontae Davis (which he later said was due to injuries), and may have lost star running back LeSean McCoy to a rib injury.
Last year‘s playoff team went through a lot of changes during the off-season including making a quarterback change from Tyrod Taylor to Nate Peterman who look terrible in the week one and lost his job a week later to Rookie quarterback Josh Allen.
By no means am I giving up on the Bills for this season, there’s a lot of football to play and the team did turn it around last year, and could do it again. For the right now, the Bills are taking  a step back in order take two steps forward next season. Bills fans “trust the process”!
The Bills have the option to get some money back from him. But most teams don’t do it.