Step Jam 2018

BUY 2 GET ONE FREE – available only at consignment locations only:

People’s Choice – 575 Brooks Avenue

Sobrino’s Restaurant –  1456 N. Clinton Avenue

ticket prices: 22 dollars (service fee included) ticket price increase month of December

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3    $22.00 tickets = $66.00 is $83.15 on line via ticketmaster

4   $22.00 tickets = $88.00 is $109.20 on line via ticketmaster

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performances by:  The Wilson Pearls – – The Elite – – Alphas – – Ayo & Teo – – Sweet Dancers – – Cyrus and others to be announced

Multiple Shooting – Suspect Dead

If you heard of a U-Haul chase in Rochester it is true. Triple shooting with the suspect now dead.

There are three schools on lockdown due to the insane activity on our city streets.  A RCSD shutdown did occur according to tv news sources 10 and 13  (what that means I have no idea because no notice was sent to  parents – according to parents calling the station) Schools  25 -33 and 45 where on lockdown longer due to activity near those schools

A triple shooting has occurred.  At least one person was shot and killed and at least two others were wounded. The shooting victim died on Post Avenue near Arnett Boulevard. Another victim was shot on Francis Street and ended up at School 25 playground on North Goodman Street.

I can not just report information, when these first two schools I attended.  They helped me become the person I am today.  And for the last 3 yrs  we go to school 45 for the Halloween function.  So just saying  we will have updates  is more than reporting a story.  We live here.  This is our home and an invasion is occurring.   This is crazy -maddening  and this violence has to stop.

People Are Buying Clothes And Accessories Online For Instagram Then Returning

Just when you thought you heard it all!

People photoshopping their kids and babies to look better for Instagram and now a new study shows people are buying clothes online to take pictures for Instagram and then returning them.

Now I know you’re thinking these damn millennials!! Nope can’t blame this on on them it’s actually Gen X…. SMH Continue reading People Are Buying Clothes And Accessories Online For Instagram Then Returning