Freaknik Is Back!……Well Almost

Who knew Freaknik was making a comeback! Yessssss Freaknik 2.0 was supposed to take place in Atlanta has been cancelled due to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The party plannerDanny Hefner who is only 20 years old never experienced the original Freaknik parties back in the 90’s but he got the scope of things from his mother who attended them.

Hefner booked the venue for Freaknik 2.0 at the popular Stone Mountain facility but the owner Terry Brantley cancelled the party saying “In light of the year that Black Lives Matter, we don’t think Freaknik does.”

Sooooo Freaknik 2.0 revised hmmmmmm…. Remember Freaknik in the 90’s??

BW Cheer1

We will just leave this here….



Section V Basketball 2016-17 Season Finals Not So Traditional


As long as I can remember Section V tournaments have always been at the Blue Cross Arena/War Memorial. So the 2016-17 season will have somewhat of a different feel.

The finals this year will not be held at the Blue Cross Arena which hasn’t happened since the 1970’s according to Jack Purficato, chairman for Section V boys basketball.

This is something the players look forward to and work very hard to achieve – a shot at the title and a chance to play at the Blue Cross Arena. It’s an achievement that one wouldn’t understand unless you’ve played.

The feeling for many high school students who play and make it to the big house for the finals is indescribable. That walk out on to the court in front of thousands of people there to watch you and your team play is priceless and is part of the reason why student/athletes play. It is the reason students go to class and keep their grades up .

Some of the high school basketball players already face a multitude of challenges you could not fathom in school and at home so to take this away could leave them feeling a bit discouraged.

This leads to the question does the districts sports program have an alternative for the finals?

Just my thought… The tradition is broken and the students need something similar as far as the venue for sectionals to look forward to!

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Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin! Tamar Braxton Called 911 On Husband Vincent Herbert (Audio)

(Belvedere) RED Pre-Grammys Party With Mary J Blige - Arrivals

So apparently the rumor about Tamar Braxton’s 911 call was indeed true.

However, Tamar and husband Vincent Herbert are not saying much about what really happened. The two appeared to be okay walking through LAX holding hands and all smiles.  Continue reading Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin! Tamar Braxton Called 911 On Husband Vincent Herbert (Audio)

Simone Biles Makes History At 2016 Olympics


A moment in black history made by Simone Biles this past Sunday during the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics!

Simone is the first gymnast to carry the flag since 1936 and the first African-American gymnast to ever carry the flag.

The only concern Simone had about carrying the flag during the closing ceremony was the fact she is so small and the flag so big it would be too heavy.

But none the less Simone slayed!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.42.43 AM


Congratulations Simone Biles on all of your accomplishments we absolutely adore you! ❤️

Donald Trump Nude Statue Appearing Across The U.S. (Video) **Contains Nude Art**

Statues of Donald Trump in the buff appeared in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Cleveland, and San Fransisco.  An anonymous anarchist street art collective group called Indecline signed the pieces of art.

Now I am going to warn you once you see this you can’t unsee it. With that said view the video of the Donald nude at your own risk.  Continue reading Donald Trump Nude Statue Appearing Across The U.S. (Video) **Contains Nude Art**

Tyra Banks To Teach Business At Stanford University


Congrats to Tyra Banks! The former supermodel, actress, and television host will be co-teaching a business class at Stanford University starting in the Spring semester of 2017.

Professor Banks will teach the class “Project You: Building and Extending Your Personal Brand” with Allison Kluger a former producer for “The View”, and “Good Morning America”. Kluger is also a management professor at Stanford.

Lesson of the day: Never stop building your brand, increase your value by creating multiple ways to diversify yourself, maximize your potential, and be the best at being YOU!

Way to go Tyra!!!


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