News Anchor Who Left Her Day Job To Sell Legal Weed Faces 24 Years In Prison

Remember the young lady who in Alasaka quit her job as a news anchor to sell weed?

Charlo Greene, the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club now faces 24 years in prison for selling weed. She has been charged with eight counts of “misconduct involving a controlled substance.”

Greene sold marijuana out of her club between November 2014-February 2015 which is when weed officially became legal. Law enforcement raided Greene’s cannabis club twice and made six undercover purchases thus the charges.

She pleaded not guilty and will go to trial soon stating this is a “modern day lynching”.

In the words of DJ Sight is this Fair or foul?

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Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent Facing Another Lawsuit


(NY Daily News) Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson cribbed the idea for his hit Starz show “Power” from two aspiring TV writers, a new Manhattan federal court lawsuit claims.

R. Byron Hord and Curtis Scoon say they wrote a pilot script for a TV show called “Dangerous” in late 2009.

“Dangerous” was about “an African-American Protagonist’s work as a drug dealer and subsequent attempts to launder his money and then ‘go legit,'” they claim in the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the main character of their show is “struggling with the balance between his friendship with an Irish gangster and his female love interest.”

They gave a copy of the script to several LA-based entertainment execs who, in 2011, met with 50 Cent and asked whether he wanted to develop it into a show, they say.



Made Possible By Buffalo Bills and Local Initiatives Support Cooperation

$200K Donation Through National Football League Foundation Grassroots Grant

WHO:  Families, District staff and student athletes

Preston Teague, Buffalo Bills Director of Community                                   Relations and Youth Football

Marlon Kerner, Buffalo Bills Director of Alumni

Joe Bock, former Buffalo Bills long snapper

WHAT:  Trent Jackson Memorial Field Ribbon Cutting                                                    Ceremony

WHEN:   Wednesday, September 28, 20164:00 p.m.

WHERE:  Franklin Campus 950 Norton Street

DETAILS:  On Wednesday, the community will celebrate the new synthetic turf football field at the Franklin Campus made possible through a $200,000 donation by the Buffalo Bills and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation through the NFL Grassroots Grant. The ribbon cutting ceremony at the Trent Jackson Memorial Field will take place prior to the 5:00 pm modified football game between the Franklin Quakers and the McQuaid Knights.

The Presentation of Colors will be done by the Leadership Academy for Young Men JROTC, and the RCSD Marching Band will perform at halftime.

Anthony Hamilton Reflects On Injustice & In His Hometown Charlotte, N.C.


Singer and Grammy Award winner Anthony Hamilton writes his thoughts about the injustices that plague many black communities across the nation via The Root. When you have a minute I think this is a good read for EVERYONE no matter the color of your skin.

“There is turmoil across the nation. The time is now to use our voices to insist on change. Unfortunately, people with closed minds label us racists because we want our black men, women and children not to be gunned down like savages. Although slavery was technically abolished more than a century ago, let me remind the world that our people deserve to be free.

We deserve to speak out against the injustices that plague communities of color. People often forget that, not long ago, dogs attacked us for peaceful protests. They put nooses around our necks and we swung from trees—displayed as America’s “strange fruit.”

I am a father of six black males: three young men ages 19 to 27 and three young sons under age 6. My sons deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. When we speak out against blatant injustices, trolls rise from the shadows and accuse us of being anti-police. My brother has served in law enforcement for more than 25 years. He has made detective and still has a great name in his field and in the community. The pathway to change involves good cops speaking out against crooked cops. We are fed up. We are tired. No one should be executed in the middle of the street, especially with his or her hands up.

Some of the greatest leaders of our time promoted peaceful resistance. I would never deny the value of peace, but people feel that they are under attack and that nobody hears or respects their demonstrations. The unrest in Charlotte, N.C., after the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott is a product of people simply being exhausted. They are sick and they are tired. Our communities lack hope, and their backs are against the wall. They are constantly reminded that white privilege is alive and well.

I accept people from all walks of life. If you label me a racist because I care about my friends and family, then you are part of the problem. Those who want to cripple us and get rid of our people are yet another generation of the Ku Klux Klan. We’re not going anywhere!

So what do we do? We have to reflect on these big corporations. Do they value us as producers and consumers? The biggest way to effect change is through spending power. If you don’t respect us, then we don’t respect you. Not all corporations are bad. Not all white people are bad. However, there is an ugly underground culture in this country full of those who feel that people of color are inferior.

If we stop empowering these big corporations who support the folk who want us gone, then we will show our power and cripple their pockets. I do not advocate hurting innocent people of any race or group. There is nothing cool about senseless violence. However, we can no longer ignore that liberty and justice never, ever applied to us all. America, the world is watching.” -Mr. Anthony Hamilton


Beanie Sigel Get’s Knocked Out Over Meek Mill Diss (Video)

So the video surfaced of Teefy Bey who is a part of Meek Mill Dreamchasers camp apparently knocking out Beanie Sigel backstage at the Bad Boy Reunion show in Philly last week.

The reason Teefy knocked Beans out was because he “violated the code of the streets” for claiming he wrote Meek’s verses on his diss song OOOUUU to the Game. As a matter of fact Beans claims he wrote the entire song according to TMZ.

Anywho, Beanie Sigel still went on to perform at the show.

SMH… Meek swept around someone else’s door without cleaning up his yard… He is exposed, he is lame.. (Donald Trump voice) Okay..  moving forward..