Apple Owes $14 Billion


Apple was hit with a record breaking $14 Billion tax bill by The European Union just before they are set to release the iPhone 7 in the U.S. this September.

Let me get this right….. Ireland granted Apple illegal state aide for years claiming they were not a tax-resident in the country… Oh, and Apple has claimed that they park money offshore because of U.S. tax codes..

That’s interesting.

Meanwhile, the average person and small business owner has to file taxes and can’t skip a thing or we will face penalties – pretty much pay or else! #justsaying

Hmmm…. I wonder if Apple will actually end up paying. My thought is probably not. Apple attorney’s will most likely keep things tied up in court so long it will be years maybe decades before they begin to pay a cent.

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Wake Up Club Top 5 Michael Jackson Songs

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!!! #GOAT #Legend

1. Thriller
2. Lady In My Life
3. Human Nature
4. Rock With You
5. Wanna Be Startin’ Something

1. Can You Feel It
2. Working Day And Night
3. I Wanna Be Where You Are
4. Liberian Girl
5. Wanna Be Startin’ Something

1. The Way You Make Me Feel
2. You Are Not Alone
3. Remember The Time
4. She’s Out Of My Life
5. Man In The Mirror

1. Leave Me Alone
2. Rock With You
3. Butterflies
4. P.Y.T.
5. Can’t Help It

Social Media Slams Colin Kaepernick But Proves His Point


Colin Kapernick shouldn’t have to say much more after folks took to social media in response to him sitting during the national anthem. His reason is to stand for people in this country who face the ugliness of oppression.

He said this past Sunday “This country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all — and it’s not happening for all right now.”

Many people took to Twitter in response to his statement. The funny thing is in their anger and even hatred for the San Fransisco quarterback they pretty much proved his point!

WARNING: TWEETS MAY CONTAIN GRAPHIC & HATEFUL LANGUAGE  Continue reading Social Media Slams Colin Kaepernick But Proves His Point

Rihanna Kicks Off MTV VMA’s & Will Receive Vanguard Award


Rihanna will join the ranks of Beyonce and  Kanye West, by receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 28. 

“Honored to take the #VMAs stage as your video #VANGUARD award recipient LIVE from NYC on August 28!” she tweeted following the big announcement.

The Pop Icon is also kicking off the show and is up for Best Female Video for “Work,” Best Male Video for her contributions with Calvin Harris’ “This Is What You Came For” and two in the Best Collaboration category for the aforementioned hits.

This year’s venue will be Madison Square Garden for the first time in VMA history. The VMAs will air live on Sunday, Aug. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.



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Freaknik Is Back!……Well Almost

Who knew Freaknik was making a comeback! Yessssss Freaknik 2.0 was supposed to take place in Atlanta has been cancelled due to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The party plannerDanny Hefner who is only 20 years old never experienced the original Freaknik parties back in the 90’s but he got the scope of things from his mother who attended them.

Hefner booked the venue for Freaknik 2.0 at the popular Stone Mountain facility but the owner Terry Brantley cancelled the party saying “In light of the year that Black Lives Matter, we don’t think Freaknik does.”

Sooooo Freaknik 2.0 revised hmmmmmm…. Remember Freaknik in the 90’s??

BW Cheer1

We will just leave this here….



Section V Basketball 2016-17 Season Finals Not So Traditional


As long as I can remember Section V tournaments have always been at the Blue Cross Arena/War Memorial. So the 2016-17 season will have somewhat of a different feel.

The finals this year will not be held at the Blue Cross Arena which hasn’t happened since the 1970’s according to Jack Purficato, chairman for Section V boys basketball.

This is something the players look forward to and work very hard to achieve – a shot at the title and a chance to play at the Blue Cross Arena. It’s an achievement that one wouldn’t understand unless you’ve played.

The feeling for many high school students who play and make it to the big house for the finals is indescribable. That walk out on to the court in front of thousands of people there to watch you and your team play is priceless and is part of the reason why student/athletes play. It is the reason students go to class and keep their grades up .

Some of the high school basketball players already face a multitude of challenges you could not fathom in school and at home so to take this away could leave them feeling a bit discouraged.

This leads to the question does the districts sports program have an alternative for the finals?

Just my thought… The tradition is broken and the students need something similar as far as the venue for sectionals to look forward to!

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