1.5 Million Missing Black Men

(New York Times) In New York, almost 120,000 black men between the ages of 25 and 54 are missing from everyday life. In Chicago, 45,000 are, and more than 30,000 are missing in Philadelphia. Across the South — from North Charleston, S.C., through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi and up into Ferguson, Mo. — hundreds of thousands more are missing.

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DJ Just Roc Featured on HuffPostLive

DJ Just Roc Featured on HuffPostLive
Recently I had the honor of being part of the Huffington Post, Marc Lamont Hill show online at huffingtonpost.com. I had the opportunity to not only watch an exclusive unedited Interview of one of the greatest rappers Scarface, but also I was able to ask him a question and interact with him for a little bit.
It’s always fantastic to see some of your favorite artists while growing up in a uncut interview to experience their true beliefs and opinions on certain topics and the interview between Marc Lamont Hill and the rapper Scarface was no exception. I also like Scarface because he curses like a sailor at times which is just an expression of his true feelings about the certain matter that he is discussing.  In the interview they touched on subjects such as some of Scarface’s thoughts on Hip Hop today, His life and his Career, & his thoughts on innocent black lives lost.
The question that I decided to ask Scarface at the end of the interview was “Do you think that you should play more of a role in cultivating/mentoring the new artists that come out now because you’ve been in the game so long?” His response was “What I do is I mentor kids on the football field. I’m a coach for a youth football league. I wanna get them here and take them to College. You have to grow them from the roots up”… “As far as me mentoring rappers if you call me and need some advice on what to do and what not to do then I can definitely help them there.”
My thoughts on Scarface’s response to my question is that I completely agree with him. What I deciphered from his response is… that you can’t try to help change a grown person who is in their ways. It starts from the bottom which means the kids. You have to help start mentoring and teaching kids at a young age in order for them to be successful. But if any rappers need any help as far as what to do and what not to do in the rap game then he will definitely help them.   ScreenShot Scarface
This was definitely a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again. It’s kind of different for me seeing that I’ve worked at the radio station for 9 years so I’m use to being the person that interviews the guest. Nonetheless it was fantastic.
Make sure that you check me out DJ Just Roc each & every Saturday night from 8p-12m w/ Adri V & Selecta Preece on wdkx.com & if you’re in Rochester Ny 103.9 WDKX FM. Also make sure that you follow me on Twitter & Instagram @DJJustRoc & also @Wdkx on Instagram & @1039WDKX on Twitter.


DJ Just Roc

Open Registration for ArtSmart and Youth Sports Summer Camps Begins

Youth Sports Camp: located in  Genesee Valley Park.

ArtSmart Camp: held at Lake Riley Lodge in Cobb’s Hill Park.

When: Both camps are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., from July 6 through August 21.

Ages: Kids 6 to 13 years old.

Price: The fee for City youth is $85 per week; $130 per week for non-city youth. Siblings can join in the fun for a discounted rate of $20 per week.

To register, pick up a registration packet at any City R-Center or download one at http://www.cityofrochester.gov/summercamps

Registration forms and deposits can be mailed to the Bureau of Recreation, 400 Dewey Avenue, Rochester, NY, 14613. Registration forms can also be picked up and dropped off at the Bureau of Recreation office at the address above.  The Bureau of Recreation office is open Mondaythrough Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 428-6755 for more information.

Irondequoit Police Officer Could Be Fired For Racial Facebook Posts

Irondequoit, NY (WROC)- Tough action is taken against a veteran Irondequoit police officer accused of posting racially offensive comments on Facebook.

Local blogger, Davy V., first reported on the posts, March 19.  The next day, the town put the officer on administrative leave and started an internal investigation.

“The results of the investigation show that highly offensive and inappropriate comments were posted by a member of our police force,” says Supervisor Adam Bello, at a special press conference held in the middle of tonight’s regular town meeting.

One post shows topless black women dressed in African garb, under the heading “Michelle Obama’s class reunion.”

Another mocks Mexicans saying they get a “free home and free ebt card for shopping.”  Many of the posts are profanity-laced.

Town supervisor Adam Bello and Chief Richard Tantalo insist these posts do not reflect the culture of the Irondequoit community.

“As someone who’s been in the law enforcement community for an extended period of time, something like this is certainly very disappointing,” says Tantalo.

“The whole foundation of their job and what they do relies on the ability of the citizens to trust their protectors,” says Bello.

Bello says the officer has been taken off payroll and will be served a letter stating the disciplinary charges against him. Officials would not name the officer citing it as a personnel matter.

As a civil service employee according to Section 75 of CSEA’s handbook, he will have a right to a hearing before any termination can be complete. The process could take up to two months.

Natasha Alford



All-City Clean Sweep 2015 Followed by Red Wings Baseball Game

When:  Saturday, May 2 at 8 a.m.

Where: Frontier Field, 1 Morrie Silver Way.

Registrants will receive a Clean Sweep t-shirt, have a  light breakfast, join or be assigned to a team, then board vans and buses to be shuttled to work sites throughout the city. Clean Sweepers will be returned to Frontier Field between noon and 12:30 p.m. and receive free admission to that day’s 1:35 p.m. Red Wings game as well as a voucher for a hot dog and drink. Free parking will be available in Kodak Office Oak Street Lot (Lot D).

In addition to picking up litter and debris, volunteers will plant flowers, prune trees and perform other neighborhood beautification projects across the city. Tools are provided, but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own. City crews will remove graffiti, clean City properties, repair sidewalks and fill potholes during Clean Sweep.

On-site registration will be available, but pre-registration is recommended. Groups and individuals may register at www.cityofrochester.gov/cleansweep or by calling 311 (428-5990 from outside city limits).

Friends With Benefits A Good Thing Or Nah?

There is a new study that shows “friends with benefits” isn’t a good idea and only 15% of those relationships actually work.

Here is the article: http://www.inquisitr.com/1982784/new-study-15-percent-friends-with-benefits-relationships-serious/

My opinion, I think the number is a lot lower than 15% but it depends on your definition of “friends with benefits”.  If you have someone you occasionally hang out with that includes “benefits” I think the number is lower than 15% BUT if you are friends FIRST without “benefits”  then I think the number will be far greater.

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