99 Problems But Writers Block Ain’t One For Jay Z


Another one for Hov! Jay Z has been nominated to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame which would make him the first rapper to be inducted if Hov wins.

In order to be nominated you must have written music for at least 20 years. Jay Z became eligible this year for the first time, his album Reasonable Doubt debut in 1996.

Congratulations Hov!!

A few of the other artist nominated this year Madonna, the songwriting teams that make up the bands Chicago and Kool & The Gang, George Michael, Sly Stone, and Gloria Estefan.

To read who else has been nominated click USAToday.com



Tech Tea: Nintendo Is Back And Better Than Ever

Nintendo is getting ready to drop a new and radically different gaming console. On October 20th Nintendo gave us glimpse of the new console that you will be able to use with a TV, tablet, and it comes with it’s own screen.

The Nintendo Switch is unlike any other console on the market having detachable side controllers, large screen, and a kickstand. New games for the console so far Zelda, Mario Kart, and NBA title. 

Think I might get one of these!

Check out the video for a better idea of the new Nintendo.



Thank You Michelle Obama – Please Read To The First Lady, With Love


Beauty comes in all forms. First Lady Michelle Obama is truly indescribable, she embodies beauty inside and out. I am wholeheartedly going to miss her grace, her compassion, her passion, and courage. Michelle Obama is my real life Khaleesi.

Please read the NY Times – To The First Lady, With Love. Four letters written to Michelle Obama b

Make sure you have tissue though, you might find yourself in tears. I am beyond grateful to have lived and witnessed this historic moment!

With Love,


President Obama To Announce Record High School Graduation Rates.


The nation’s high school graduation rates rose again for the 2014-15 school year. Graduation rates reached a record high 83% of students received their diplomas on time according to federal data.

Statistic show improvements among all high school students – black 74.6, hispanic 77.8, and white 87.6.

President Barack Obama is going to speak Monday morning about his administrations record on education during his time as President at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School.

Another one (Dj Kahled voice)

To read in depth click The Washington Post

Tech Tea: BMW Self Driving Motorcycle

BMW introduces it’s new concept, a motorcycle that is self balancing with road sensors to avoid accidents and it will communicate with other vehicles to keep you safe while driving.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle
BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle

The motorcycle is powered by electricity no gas and it will come with a visor or goggles (no helmet needed) that will allow the diver to see the information as they are riding the bike. The screen inside the visor will change depending on where the rider looks.

Oh and it also comes with a “smart suit” that will cool or heat your body and it supports you so your muscles won’t get fatigued.  The suit has vibrating units that provide feedback for navigation or when the bike is leaning too far.

Sooooo dope! I would love one of these.

Check it out!