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WDKX.com » Blog » Matthew Straton's Family Speaks Out
Jan 21st 2014 8:14 am
Matthew Straton's Family Speaks Out
by news

Matthew Straton's Family Speaks Out

"I knew it was not good. Everybody was hoping that Matt just took off. I know my kid. I know he wouldn't just do that and especially let all this time go by with us sitting here," said Kym Straton.

Kym says the last time she spoke to her son Matthew was on Oct. 28. She says when she went to call him the next day, there was no answer and she knew something was wrong.

"I had that feeling that I would never see him again from day one," said Straton.

After months missing, Rochester Police recovered the remains of Matthew Straton's body in the backyard of 27 Rowley Street Wednesday night.

"Nobody deserves to be buried in a backyard for 80 days to rot," said Straton.

There is little information about what happened inside the home, but court paperwork reveals that Dr. William Lewek, 62, admitted that on Oct. 29 of last year, he moved Straton's body from the third floor bedroom to his backyard.

Family members say they are not sure how Straton knew Lewek or why he was at his home. They say Straton's wallet and his keys were at his home and were not with him.

"He woke up every morning to a man's face across the street from him knowing he had family who were devastated and who missed him. He woke up everyday and went about his life while he knew Matthew was in his backyard," said Cimmaron Norton, aunt.

Lewek was charged with two felonies: tampering with physical evidence and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Police recovered 17 baggies of cocaine from Lewek's home; a home that was very close to where Straton's brother lived.

"Even going home, it's a weird feeling. I will never look at that neighborhood the same, I guess," said brother Corey VanMorrelgem.

Matthew's family says after months of wondering where he was, finding his body is a relief.

'I've been prepared for this all along so it was a relief," said Kym.

Kym says he suffered a back injury and underwent surgery around a year ago. She said he was suffering with addiction from pain medication from this surgery and became depressed.

"He stayed home a lot. He was a homebody through his depression," said Kym Straton.

She said Matthew was trying to get help and was going to an outpatient rehabilitation program. His family doesn't want his suffering from the last year to be how he is remembered.

"He was a beautiful person and we don't want what happened and this situation and this man who led him to his demise. We don't want that to be what defines who he is," said said Norton.

They say Matthew fostered many animals and loved sports, but most of all he enjoyed spending time with his family.

"He was a young, health, physically fit, beautiful person and years of it just wore on him and it is sad and it is depressing because he didn't have the normal life that he should," said Norton.

Family members say there are still so many questions about what happened to Matthew on that day that they need answered.

"It's going to be a closed casket. He just took so many things away from us. I can't say goodbye to my son in a decent way," said Straton.

Source:TWC News