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WDKX.com » Blog » Parents Weigh In On Youth Football Legislation Against Tackling
Nov 20th 2013 6:18 am
Parents Weigh In On Youth Football Legislation Against Tackling
by news

For some parents, football isn't football without somebody getting hit.

"Football is going out there and tackling and throwing the ball and catching the ball and getting tackled. It's a good game," said Joshua Fayad, youth football parent.

The idea of taking tackling out of the game?

"It would be boring to these guys," said Jennifer Haugh.

Haugh says if she had safety concerns about her 12-year old on the field, he wouldn't be playing.

"The big guys play it, they tackle and they want to be like them," she said.

But the idea is a proposal being brought forth by a downstate assemblyman. Initially, the lawmaker wanted to stop kids younger than 10 from playing tackle football, but even though that got shot down, he says his fight isn't over.

"The only issue that I have with it is that there's very little science to back it up," said Dr. Anthony Petraglia.

Petraglia is a neurosurgeon for the University of Rochester Medical Center. He's seen his fair share of youth sports injuries and says they're not to be shrugged off.

"The brain is definitely maturing at its most through the young years all the way to the teenage years. That being said, I don't think there's any science to say we should be limiting contact or limiting any sort of collision or contact sport to the age of 14," said Petraglia.

Petraglia, like many parents for this Irondequoit youth football team say, when it comes to organized sports like football, in most cases the benefits outweigh the risks.

"They learn a lot of dedication and learn the work of a team and really understanding how to play the sport. It gains them for future years," said Fayad.