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WDKX.com » Blog » Richards Says He Will Serve if Elected
Nov 5th 2013 7:48 am
Richards Says He Will Serve if Elected
by news

It's not the most shocking announcement, but arguably the most anticipated.

"You know, I'm not just going to turn my back on it and walk away," said Richards during a radio interview.

Richards was interviewed on Bob Lonsberry's radio show Monday afternoon. He says after losing the Democratic primary to candidate Lovely Warren, if re-elected, he will serve this city, at least in the interim.

"If for some reason I got elected mayor, I would be the mayor. I mean that's the fact. What I would have to do at that time is whatever would be in the interest of making sure the city stays in a stable good position," he said during the interview.

Richards is on the ballot as a candidate for the Independence and Working Families parties, but he says he didn't expect his campaign to continue through grassroots efforts.

He insists he has nothing to do with it.

"This is not some public grassroots efforts because we know the people involved, we know who filled out the website, we know the people who have filled out the press releases, we know who the people are," said Alex White, Green Party candidate for Mayor.

White questions the timing of this announcement, the day before the election.

Democratic candidate Lovely Warren thinks the whole thing doesn't even warrant a response.

"It's not my job to criticize him or his actions, no matter how it may frustrate some people that are on my team. Again, for me this it's not about any of us individually, it's about the community that we serve and the challenges we see on a daily basis," said Warren.

White and Warren say that's why their campaign grind will continue until the last vote is cast.