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WDKX.com » Blog » Judge Rules Red Light Cameras Are Constitutional
Nov 5th 2013 7:54 am
Judge Rules Red Light Cameras Are Constitutional
by news

A judge has ruled Rochester's red light traffic cameras are constitutional.
State Supreme Court Judge Scott Odorisi made the ruling in a 27-page decision. In it, the judge ruled red-light cameras in this case are constitutional and due process was followed.

Local attorney Lawrence Krieger had challenged the legality of Rochester's red light cameras in State Supreme Court. Krieger and his attorney, Michael Steinberg had argued that the cameras ticketed the owner of the vehicle, not the person driving.

Last December, a red light camera caught a vehicle registered to Krieger in violation. He says after going through a hearing process, he decided to file the lawsuit.

(Monday, Nov. 4, 2013) - I am very pleased with Friday's decision by Supreme Court Justice Scott Odorisi who ruled that Rochester's Red Light Camera Traffic Safety Program is constitutional. The program will continue in full effect. This ruling allows the City to continue enforcing the serious problem of red light violations to improve public safety and keep more of our police officers free to perform other duties.

Judge Odorisi clearly understood our red light violation process and determined that the City meets all due process requirements, that all of our procedures are civil in nature and that we can adopt this tool in managing public safety.

In establishing the procedures of this program, we studied and learned from other cities that have this program. Full and fair hearings are conducted and Judge Odorisi recognized that the Red Light Camera System is set up for public safety purposes.

We are attempting to cut down on the number of motorists running red lights-the consequences of which range from serious property damage to severe injuries to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The orderly movement of traffic in our city presumes people will follow the rules of the road, to include stopping at red lights. This is another tool that helps us enforce vehicle and traffic law and make our roads safer.