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WDKX.com » Blog » You Must Protect Your Hardworking Feet
Oct 28th 2013 8:13 am
You Must Protect Your Hardworking Feet

Having the right pair of exercise shoes can help to prevent injuries and discomfort.

Depending on the type of workout, specialized shoes for walking, running, cross training or another specialty sport will provide the best support for your feet.

Also, your feet actually get bigger throughout the day, sometimes as much as half a size by nighttime, so shop for your shoes at the time of day you normally do your workout.

When buying your workout shoes, never just grab a pair of shoes based on your normal shoe size, bring the type of socks you�d wear to work out in and try them on with the shoes and take a walk in the store.

If your feet are different sizes, buy the shoe based on the larger one. You should be able to fan out your toes comfortably and have a half-inch at the front of the shoe. The back should fit snug against the heel without slipping up and down.

Certain shoe stores have trained staff that check the shape of your foot and offer a video taped study of your stride, so as to recommend the best shoes to guard against injuries.

Depending on how much walking/running you do, it is recommended to switch your footwear every three to five months, if possible, to maintain proper support and cushioning.

Tip: If you have to tie your shoes tightly to feel the right amount of support, they may be ready to be replaced.

For more information, please call Robert J. Bovee at (585) 330-0614.