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WDKX.com » Blog » New York State Exposed: Gas Prices -- Where Is Your Money Going?
Oct 24th 2013 7:36 am
New York State Exposed: Gas Prices -- Where Is Your Money Going?
by news

We hear from drivers all the time wondering why gas prices are so high. Right now in the Rochester area, a gallon of regular gasoline is hovering around $3.65. The national average is $3.34.

One of the reasons we pay more is taxes. If we got rid of the state taxes, you could save 51-cents a gallon.

Over the last five years, no state has had more taxes on gasoline than New York. Every time you gas up, you are paying a motor fuel tax, petroleum business tax and sales tax. That's nearly 50-cents per gallon which goes to the state and that does not include federal and county taxes.

We are following the money trail -- where is your money actually going? We found out it pays for road repairs and maintenance and we're paying for people downstate who don't even drive.

Gas station owners say they're caught in the middle. President of NY Service Stations Bill Adams said, "There are many taxes and we pass those along to the customer unfortunately."

Assemblyman Kieran Lalor of the 105th District said, "We don't put a tax on milk because it's important. Let's get it down to a reasonable amount."